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    Full bars but can't connect to Internet

    First I couldn't get connection and get any bars now most of the time I have bars but it still won't connect. Safari times out and I get messages playing apps saying not connected to the Internet. Sometimes if I lift the iPad in the air I can get the website to load. :confused: I tried a...
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    iPad Wi Fi Hardly works and at my wits end. Please Help

    I have a New Linksys WRT120 Wireless Router. Set up with compatible security settings. Have reset iPad to factory settings, set it as new. 3 calls to Apple and Apple store has exchanged it for a new one twice (second time yesterday). No cordless phones, house is a small two bedroom...
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    Just got my ipad and need some help

    I have the wi fi version. Does anyone else with this model have issues with the wi fi dropping? It's connected, then before i do anything it's gone. Sometimes it will be there for 10 mins or so then gone again. (i have a router in the house so is my own connection not a cafe or anything like...