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    AirStash wireless flash drive w/ media streaming & WebDAV for iPad

    Saw this early today on Engadget. Once I watched the video.....I think it is worth it. AirStash wireless flash drive with media streaming and WebDAV update hands-on (video) -- Engadget
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    iPad, want it or leave it

    Can he get a temporary connection with AT&T while traveling in the US? Thought it was Month to Month with AT&T.
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    How many pay for 3G /4G SERVICE?

    I have the Unlimited Plan and turn it on when traveling. It is turned off when in the house.
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    How many of you will consider an Android Tablet?

    Was going to buy an Archos 9 but after reading the reviews everywhere. Even on the Archos own web forum. There was too many issues with their products (drivers, OS, etc..). That why I brought the iPad. After saying all that, I would buy another tablet with any other OS like Android but will...
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    Watch Live TV on the iPad.....No APP or Hacking needed.

    Watch live TV on the iPad with "" Just go to the site using Safari on the iPad. No APP to download. don't know how long this will last. TV programing from the LA market. Heard about this on - Tech News Today
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    What app is that?

    The second one is Magic Piano
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    CineXPlayer - How is it working out for you?

    The CineXPlex APP has been working fine on my iPad to view Xvid (avi) files. Loading via iTunes works well for me. I have not ran into any issues of a video not playing in CineXPlex yet.
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    Yahoo Launches New iPad-Optimized Mobile Web Mail

    Wish YAHOO allow iPad users a way to view movie trailers and music videos
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    Finally got around to using this APP and it works good. :D
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    iOS 3.2.2 Released

    Downloading and installing now. Heard on that jail broken iPhones and iPads should wait.
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    how often do you see another iPad owner?

    Rarely. Just on TV and I live in silicon valley. Always feel odd when pulling it out.
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    Ultimate Couch Potato iPad Stand

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    Long term fallout from the Pad format

    I'm giving my HP Laptop to my daughter and now building a Desktop for ripping movies and to play on my iPad.
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    Is my credit card info safe? iPad 3G stolen w/ SIM

    Restocking Fee sounds like a good deal compare to Craigslist right now.
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    TowerMaddnes FREE 7.16.10 only

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    [How To] Sync photos to your iPad with iTunes

    How about Photos from the camera connection kit when you import them on the iPad? Especially when travelling and trying to keep a clean SD card for the camera. Will the new Photos Sync back to the folder designated in iTunes? Or are they stuck on the iPad forever and can not be transported...
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    iPad Gets iOS 3.2.1 Software Update

    Finished the update. What changed?
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    GPS Maps Apps

    Drove from San Francisco Bay area to Disneyland (LA) over the 4th of July weekend. Had a Magellan GPS but also used the MotionX GPS Drive HD on the trip down. Both gave me turn by turn voice instructions to my destination. Both recalculated the route when I left the path. I could shut down my...
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    What's missing from the iPad

    The ability to open it up and add a larger SSD drive
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    Transferring comics to IPAD online...need advice

    On the iPad, CBR files can be transfered from Dropbox to Comic Zeal now but it only does it one file at a time:(
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    Transferring comics to IPAD online...need advice

    Did anyone ever get the CBR files from Dropbox to Comic Zeal to work on the iPad?
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    Dropped, dented and sleep/wake barely works.

    See that you are in the Bay area. Saw this guy on with Leo Laporte during the iPhone 4 launch. He also fixes iPads. He seen pretty reasonable. iPhone 4 repair,fix damaged iPhones | Nexus One AMOLED | fix iPhones and iPad | fix and repair iPad | brokemyiPhone | broke my iphone
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    Finally received the iPad Camera Connection Kit today.

    Now how can you separate imported Photos into different Albums? I want to separate photos by groups (Family, Travel, Friends, misc) Can you rename Albums on the iPad? Is there a way to move pictures between Albums?
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    How do I know that my Ipad is using my home Wifi and not 3g

    When in your home on WIFI; Go to Settings on the iPad and Turn off the Cellular Data. Turn it back on when you leave the house.
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    ipad skins!!!

    These are nice...Thanks
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    Has the iPhone 4 Stolen the iPad’s Thunder?

    As said before, two different products. I went to AT&T today to order a iPhone 4. They are not taking any orders now.:(
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    Printing from ipad

    I'm using Print Central for the iPad also. It was able to see my printer but for some reason, it did not print. Went to the EuroSmartz website and downloaded "WePrint" helper software to the PC. Now when I print from the iPad, it goes though WePrint server to the printer. It works but the...
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    How Full is your iPad?

    4 Gigs out of 32G. No music. Just APPs, some ebooks, PDFs, two Magazines, and mostly Comics. Side note: If Publishers Clearing House started selling e-Magazines.....I would be in trouble. :rolleyes:
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    DVD to iPad

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    I can see my iPad addiction getting expensive!

    You should try MoonLight Mahjong in virtual 3D on the iPad :D