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  1. RobotRock

    Getting a head start on iTunes & apps

    Yes, you can sync them to your ipad.. same with music, videos etc
  2. RobotRock

    Underrated/Overrated games ?

    Underrated: Need for Speed. Best driving game on iPad, easy controls. Good for casual game, nothing too serious. Overrated: Osmos. Boring, Slow Gameplay. Really over hyped, no fun. Looks like we have a slightly different opinion here..
  3. RobotRock

    Getting the iPad dock to fit with some cases

    Just a quick tip if you have the iPad dock and it doesn't fit with your case, the grey plastic strip can come off quite easily with the help of a thin flat head screwdriver. Not saying it will work with all cases, but it did with mine. If it doesn't work, the grey strip can be put back in place.
  4. RobotRock

    Anyone update to 3.2.1?? How is it?

    For some reason iTunes wouldn't download 3.2.1 for me, got to the end and then said something about network errors, even though there wasn't any. I found it elsewhere and downloaded and installed it fine.. not sure what the benefits are I just like to be up to date :) And ye, I'm not...
  5. RobotRock

    We Rule Friends Needed

    Mine is Robotr Thanks :)
  6. RobotRock

    How to create forms that can be filled out

    Just use an online form, it will display fine on the iPad. I reccomend Jotform.
  7. RobotRock

    Hello All, I'm a newbie to be.

    Welcome to the site. Also waiting patiently, ordered mine July 2nd and expected delivery was July 20th. Just got an email a few hours ago saying it would be here tomorrow, 5 days early. Don't expect me on here tomorrow :D
  8. RobotRock

    Do YOU think this is true?

    Going back to the Antenna, has this been verified as a problem? I've read a few things saying it was a bug and not a problem. Since I got the iPhone 4 I can't even get a signal in my house unless I'm upstairs. This wasn't a problem with my last phone.
  9. RobotRock

    Anyone order and received an iPad from recently?

    :D What a coincidence! I just got an email now (10:30pm) saying it will be delivered tomorrow! 5 Days before estimated delivery date. I best start downloading apps in prep!
  10. RobotRock

    help with ipad and 1 year old

    Use your initiative, tape a coin over the home button or something when she is using it.
  11. RobotRock

    Anyone order and received an iPad from recently?

    I ordered July 2nd. Estimated Shipping: July 16th Estimated Delivery: July 20th Longest wait in my life.
  12. RobotRock

    Best Remote Desktop App

    I'm still deciding on which one to use. Is there one that allows you to use change between using the screen as touch screen to touch pad? So you can touch what you want or change it too a large touchpad? I already have Teamviewer installed on my computers, but I would like to be able to...
  13. RobotRock

    Second Gen iPad this year

    ye, there's no way Apple would bring out another iPad this year. If they're bringing out new versions of anything else it would be the iPods or Apple Tv. And I don't think the 2nd gen will be any different in size, it will just have better features.
  14. RobotRock

    Best Twitter Client

    Thanks, think I'll go with Osfoora HD. I only have one account, and I don't tweet that much myself (only have about 1,000) but I follow a lot of people so I need one that looks nice. Thanks :D
  15. RobotRock

    What is your ipads name?

    That's nothing new, I called my first generation iPod that.
  16. RobotRock

    Best Twitter Client

    What do you think is the best?
  17. RobotRock

    What percentage of iPad owners are running Windows vs Mac on their main PC

    I'm running Windows 7, but not out of choice. You'd be better creating a Poll so the results are easier to read.
  18. RobotRock

    Montana Newcomer

    In that case, I recommend that you get the iPad :)
  19. RobotRock

    Montana Newcomer

    How about the Dell Streak? It runs Android and has a 5" screen.
  20. RobotRock

    Keynote only HORIZONTAL view? Are you kidding me?

    Why would you want to view a presentation in portrait? I'm sure powerpoint is the same for Windows PC's. I was going to buy Pages and Keynote, but I heard the compatibility with Windows files is terrible. Anyone know of any alternatives?
  21. RobotRock

    hello from NJ

    Welcome :) What is it your having problems with, or just in general? There's a lot of great music apps, some serious and some just fun.. but you'll probably know this as you already have an iPhone. You have any tracks or clips online we could listen to? :D
  22. RobotRock


    I don't think so, maybe certain books but I don't know any. I know you can buy audiobooks from iTunes, but not for iBooks
  23. RobotRock

    I Freaking HATE the iPod app on the iPad with a PASSION!!

    I got the 64GB iPad, but not going to put too much music on. I have too much music so I have a 160GB Classic for my music. I'll probably use Spotify with iOS 4 if they make an iPad App.
  24. RobotRock


    Hello! How do you like your iPad?
  25. RobotRock

    Things I want in a case

    It's a hard plastic with a grippy feel to it, and only 1mm thick but very strong. I think the technical name is Strong GE Lexan® polycarbonate
  26. RobotRock

    Otterbox for iPad

    I like how the commuter works with the iPad dock, this will be a major selling point for some people
  27. RobotRock


    My guess is these books have Adobe's DRM. ...and we all know what happens when we combine Apple and Adobe
  28. RobotRock

    To 3g or not to 3g?

    I'm sure MiFi is only 3-4 hours of constant use.
  29. RobotRock

    What's the best task management app on the iPad?

    I keep hearing about 'Things' but I've not tried it yet.
  30. RobotRock

    What's missing from the iPad

    +1 I really hope the delay is for some great iPad specific features.
  31. RobotRock

    Hello everyone!

    Hello :) What iPad did you got then?
  32. RobotRock


    Welcome. :) I've been waiting on my iPad for 15 days now and still have 10 more until the estimated delivery :(
  33. RobotRock

    To 3g or not to 3g?

    Definitely go for 3G. Most contracts here in the UK are rolling contracts, which means that you pay monthly and are not tied for say 12 or 18 months. I also think a few of the networks have their own app where you can add data to your plan from the iPad. You can also get a few different sims for...
  34. RobotRock

    Best Apps in each Category

    List your favourite App in each category, or as many as you can in the App Store Books Business Education Entertainment Finance Games Health & Fitness Lifestyle Medical Music Navigation News Photography Productivity Reference Social Networking Sports Travel Utilities...
  35. RobotRock

    iPad use while charging

    Not really a question you can ask a in a poll. Most people will probably have it plugged in if they're sat at their desk or if it's low on power but can't give an exact percentage
  36. RobotRock

    What's missing from the iPad

    You look at what a product is capable of before you buy, and don't just assume. It's like you don't buy a house before you know what it's like and what it has.
  37. RobotRock

    Does anyone have a picture of a Decal Girl skin?

    I did a search for iPad on etsy and I found a few things like that, I think.
  38. RobotRock

    how is the google ipad?

    There are a lot of tablets coming out, but I don't think the majority of them are well built as they rushed the production of them to be available at a similar time as the iPad. Hope you don't mind me saying what they are, since this is an iPad forum. I have looked at them all, and picked the...
  39. RobotRock

    Headphone review: Sennheiser HD 205-II

    I have a Bose sound dock and the quality is amazing! I don't like to spend too much on headphones because I'm outside and active quite a lot, and go through quite a few pairs. One of the features I look for when buying headphones is lifetime warranty! :p
  40. RobotRock

    Headphone review: Sennheiser HD 205-II

    I change headphones whenever I can depending to what music I'm listening too, the good thing about the skullcrushers is there is an in line Bass control switch. I'm looking for a generic pair for flying soon, so I might give Sennheiser another chance! The ones I had were on ear, which is maybe...