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  1. evennewerbie

    Annoying new iPad behaviours

    I have an iPad 5th generation (and basically consider the iPad is the best thing that was ever invented). The os is 15.7 and I haven't been told I need anything more. I am noticing three problems I never had until about six months or a year ago. Tabs. They used to be quite stable. Yes I know...
  2. evennewerbie

    Mails visible on Mac, not on iPad

    Never seen this before. I have a couple of e-mails yesterday that I see on my Mac notebook but see neither on my iPad. Likewise I have a subscription to a weekly journal which also sends me updates twice a day. Part of these updates, basically comment or opinion pieces, come up on the Mac but...
  3. evennewerbie

    Vanishing I-pad notes

    This has happened to me three times recently and is worse than just annoying. I use I-pad Notes quite a lot to draft things that might end up in online forums, letters or messages or other places. A note may contain results of considerable browsing and research, thought, checking, link copying...
  4. evennewerbie

    Synchronizing (Outlook) e-Mails iPad and Mac

    OK it was my fault in the first place for ignorance/indiscipline, for many years I never deleted an e-mail. I got up to about 25,000 mails, then thought I should do something about it. (In fact I was advised to not update my Mac OS till I did). I deleted about 10,000. I don't want to do it...
  5. evennewerbie

    iPad almost not connecting to wifi

    Hope right forum. Last days my iPad 5 connection to the net goes between slow-painful-impossible. Particularly noticeable when browsing, e.g. on forums like this. Often end up with 'could not be reached because your Device is not connected to the net' Some things which I believe require only...
  6. evennewerbie

    My iPad is the iPad What?

    I used to have an iPad-2,Well I still have it but I just got a new iPad. (And I find it nice, useful and fun.) As well as iPad-2 I at least knew about the iPad 1, 3 and 4, as well as the iPad mini, pro, Air, &c. In the store they just told me this is the current iPad of the type most...
  7. evennewerbie

    iPad 2 glued up

    For some weeks I have been noticing my ipad often quite 'sticky'. It would not always respond to stylus commands, and particularly Journal and other webpages would not scroll down, all would make me wait a minute or two before they decided to. Likewise sometimes with editing text, and a bit with...
  8. evennewerbie

    Memory and stability problems and puzzles

    My i-pad 2 was getting slower and slower. I saw that there was not much free memory. I deleted some apps that I had rarely or never used. Deleted photos or put on the dropbox thingy. What was left, though, seemed indispensable: I have 3.5 GB of music, and if I can't access it away from Wi-Fi...
  9. evennewerbie

    Stopped receiving e-mails

    On my I-pad I have and can get no e-mails later than about some time yesterday (Sunday) morning. Yet on my new MacBook I have them up till late Sunday. My int Ernest connection is working - otherwise you would not be seeing this. This is happening with two adsl/routers whatever you call them t...
  10. evennewerbie

    Do you, should I, always update apps?

    The place where it warns you about apps needing updating used to awe me - it was like having unanswered letters and felt like a standing reproof, I couldn't bear to see more than two or three there. Now I am more relaxed and thirty there dont bug me. But then I'll have a blitz on them and update...
  11. evennewerbie

    Notepad question

    On notepad which came with my i-pad it is very easy to delete a note inadvertently. Once deleted is there any way to get it back? At least during the same session.
  12. evennewerbie

    iPad forum app not working

    For a time I gave up seeking help on iPad forum because I could no longer get into it. I now realise I can get in via Safari. There is a IPF icon on my screen. When I tap it it tells me Parse Error, and whether I tap OK or Report a thingie just goes round and round forever. I removed the app...
  13. evennewerbie

    Printing from iPad 2 - problems

    I was printing quite happily from my i-pad 2 to my .HP1102W. I hadn't even done anything to set it up, that I remember. I didn't even need to switch the printer on. Then I moved to my other house. There I have an HP2540. I could still print from the iPad but it was relatively cumbersome. Every...
  14. evennewerbie

    Calendar and time zone check query

    Getting myself organised. I started for the first time to use the standard Calendar app. Save the chaos of stuff written on various bits of paper. For the moment I am in Continental W Europe but the events I am logging into the calendar are in the UK where I will be next month. At first I...
  15. evennewerbie

    Equivalent of right click and posting smilies

    A good part of my Internet use is participating in forums. On my PC I can do several useful things with a right click. Can copy and paste. Can just copy the address of a post, and then paste which is useful if I want to refer it without actually quoting. And I can use smilies/emoticons. It...
  16. evennewerbie

    Opinions suggestions password manager?

    There seem to have been discussions of this but maybe there needs to be every now and then. OK so I have a probably usual problem of unmanageable proliferation of passwords (which they always tell you not to write down) so some bank accounts so secure I can't get into them, some credit cards...
  17. evennewerbie

    Titling pics and bulk uploading

    Simple questions probably requiring only a link or two - I could not find answers in usual resources (see my self-introduction post). 1. In Photos how do I put a title, or label on a pic? Which is, say, in a created album in Photos. I mean a title that appears below the pic but goes along...
  18. evennewerbie


    Hello, I'm an older generation user with some of what that implies. Try to adapt but things are often not obvious or intuitive, particularly some gobbledygook - oh I've used computers nearly every day for 20 years but there are some areas and explanations quite impenetrable. Have been using...