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  1. TechnicGeek

    IPAD 2021 9th Gen versus iPAD Mini 6 for Internet, YouTube and Books?

    Hello, Wanted to replace iPAD Mini 2 with iPAD Mini 5 ($515 in my country) for mom due to its size mainly. Was told by local folk it is better to get recent iPAD Mini 6 ($610). Asked mom if she will be okay with iPAD 2021 9th generation ($400) and screen size difference of 7.9" vs 10.2" She...
  2. TechnicGeek

    Is There a Problem with Battery Usage?

    Hello, Have iPAD Mini 2 with latest iOS update. I don't quite understand battery stats so here are a couple of screenshots: And another one: Is there something that overconsumes battery? The battery status is shown as "Good" in settings but it's a 7-year old device. What is the battery...
  3. TechnicGeek

    Upgrade iPAD Mini 2 After Almost 7 years?

    Hello, My mom's been using iPAD Mini 2 with 32GB since 2015. It still has properly working battery and I am surprised that Apple still makes iOS updates for that model because other brands don't offer software support for their old models for that long. I was thinking of upgrading her iPAD...
  4. TechnicGeek

    iPad Mini 2 Disconnects From Wireless Modem

    Hi, I used to connect wireless router to my ISP's modem and all worked fine until I decided I do no longer need wireless router and started connecting through ISP's modem. Then around once a week I get disconnected from ISP's modem. Reconnecting does not help, restarting ISP's modem does not...
  5. TechnicGeek

    Can I Optimize My iPad Mini 2?

    Hello, I bought iPad Mini 2 like 5 years ago and it performed okay but as years went buy it became slower even for basic browsing. Is there anything I can do to optimize performance? I think it has latest iOS update installed. Thanks.
  6. TechnicGeek

    Will I Make A Mistake if I Upgrade to iOS 11?

    Hello, Have iPad 2 Mini here still with its stock iOS 10. I don't want to upgrade to iOS 11 due to performance concerns because I heard that iOS 11 is more taxing than iOS 10 however I am worrying I will miss upgrades train and will stay on iOS 10 forever. Should I be concerned? Should I...
  7. TechnicGeek

    How to Protect Software Update with Password?

    Hello, I am on iOS v10.0.2 and don't want to update to latest version. I don't want someone accidentally updating it when using my iPAD. Is it possible to set a password against software update? Thanks.
  8. TechnicGeek

    My first iPad is Mini 2

    Hi there! iPad 2 Mini is my first iPad. While I did expect version 7 of iOS, it came with version 10.0.2 I heard that the earlier versions are faster and newer versions make this model slower which prompted me to find out if I can downgrade to earlie versions. It seems that I can't actually...