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  1. J

    Happy 10th birth day ps2

    Thanks for a great times of fun:(, too bad I'm dumping you for an Xbox:D. Rest in peace!:o -With Love.
  2. J

    Any way to solve my iPad lagging/crashing

    Hi, first of all I own a 64 GB wifi only iPad. It's jail broken and I filled it with apps and some movies and now it's at 59 GB. I have only 5 books in my iBooks library and I use the Youtube app often to download some videos. However lately when downloading a video and launching it the iPad...
  3. J

    YouTube App

    Hey, I just wanted to hear your opinions on the youtube app. In my opinion it's bad/unfriendly. Here are some reasons. 1-It's very slow loading videos (:confused:) 2-You can't view many comments(:mad:) 3-Some videos are apparently not iPad compatible (weird huh) 4-The subscription tab seem to...
  4. J

    Is there is such app?

    That lock other apps, for example if I tried to open a app it ask for a pass. If there is please let me know.:)
  5. J

    How do you show off your iPad capability?

    Hi, Recently many people asked me about the iPad in general. And I just wanted to blow their minds away with what the iPad can do---> trying be iPad expert:D. Long story short, I fail almost every time. I usually start by showing the iBooks app, after I show them the Weather HD app. Then I try...
  6. J

    post a screen shot of your home/lock screen.

    a thread like this was made couple months ago, but this is going to be a fresh new one.:D . . . For those who don't know to take a screen shot of the iPad screen simply press those two buttons shown in the picture at the same time. a video YouTube - How to take a screen shot with iphone...
  7. J

    Multi-Tasking, advantage or disadvantage?

    We know that in the next fall ISO4 will come which Include new features for the iPad such as multi-tasking and the folders.. etc. I just wanted to know, do you guys think of Multi-Tasking as a advantage or disadvantage? I don't really think of it as a advantage because of the following...
  8. J

    iSO4 beta on the iPad?

    YouTube - ‪iPad Running 4.0 Firmware! With Folders & Multitasking‬‎ Looks like it's coming sooner that we thought.:)
  9. J

    What is iPad ? New iPad commercial. I think the problem in most apple commercials is that they exaggerate way too much:D, however after seeing this I'm just happy to have one.:)
  10. J

    iPad movies quality

    I downloaded a mp4 movie, and synced it to the iPad, however the quality is just TERRIBLE for iPad screen. I was wondering if mp4 was the best format for iPad or are there others that are better? Link to movie I downloaded (hope this not considered spam): Iron Man 2 (2010) Download in Free...
  11. J

    Sexiest/Most Hilarious Unboxing Ever

    Watch the sexiest iPad Unboxing YouTube - Hot New Game for the iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch: We ... (If you don't want to waste time just skip tp 7:25) Enjoy:D
  12. J

    Underrated/Overrated games ?

    Let me be the first to start. Overrated:- Angry Birds. OK, I understand this is a fun addicting game but I'm sick of how people think that it is the best game ever, I mean sure it is really fun, but the best ever ?! Need For Speed. High price, terrible controls and no storyline! (enough said)...
  13. J

    3 Ways to download Youtube videos.

    Hi, today I found three ways on how to download YouTube videos directly from the iPad -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ Required: Jailbroken iPad -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ =============== 1st way (costs 2$) =============== Go to cydia and search for Yourtube HD, once you install it when...
  14. J

    How are you doin'?

    I'm back from vacation. It was very enjoyable. I didn't check iPad forums for a while, so I wanna know, how are you doin'n/what's your latest news??:D. (share me):). Off Topic: Spain won the world cup:)!
  15. J

    Archie comics.

    To those who like these comics, there is a free app called "archie" that have a book shelf for those comics for a cheap price. I used to collect these comics when i was 11, but now.. Meh. Still bring some memories though:).
  16. J

    After JailBreaking, iPad take forever to load!!/HELP ASAP.

    After I jaik broke the iPad the wallpaper changed and it shuted off, then startet to only show the loading signal. It been too long showning the loading mark IT TOOK MORE THAN FOUR HOURS AND THE IPAD DIDN'T STARTED YET, HELP!
  17. J

    Uno HD

    It's a very cool game, great graphics/audio, I recommend it.:)
  18. J

    How come the iPad play youtube perfectly, while it doesn't support adobe flash?

    As you can see from the title. How?
  19. J

    Intro and Q.

    Hello every one, my name is Mark and I'm from Kuwait city. My father got me the iPad 2 days ago for having good highschool grades, and so far I like it very much. And I was wondering, of I jail break the iPad can I install adobe flash? Cheers.
  20. J

    Where do you download iPad needs from?

    You know, apps, games,music,movies...etc. I'm curious.:confused: