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  1. ChristianaR

    Dates changing between devices

    I have birthdays and anniversaries in my contacts, which show up in my calendar. This is great. However, a few months ago while overseas, I noticed on my iPhone that some of the dates had altered by a day - so I corrected them. Alas, now my iPad contacts are now one day out. Each time I correct...
  2. ChristianaR

    Dear IPF and moderators, questions and feedback

    It sure if this is in the right category, happy for it to be moved... On the IPF App (which I love and recommend), I can't find an option to edit a post. Is there an option? Can there be (fluttering of eyelashes)? Is there an option to just go to New Posts? (ie posts without replies). On the...
  3. ChristianaR

    iMessage messages go to both ipad AND iphone

    I'm sure there's any easy face palm answer to this, but when I iMessage my mother, she intermittently also gets the same thing sent to her iPhone. How can we stop this? I've tried to replicate it on my iPad and iPhone, but have no idea what she's done in her settings! And she's in another city...