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  1. ArkMC

    MyAudioStream is a music streaming application and UPnP audio player for iPad

    MyAudioStream | Arkuda UPnP Applications Website It's time to delve into a world of music with MyAudioStream. It's Arkuda's premium media network solution! iTunes: HD Pro MAS HD Lite MAS...
  2. ArkMC

    MCPlayer, is a wireless streaming UPnP video player application for iPad

    Hia to all! MCPlayer | Arkuda UPnP Applications Website Media Center Video Player will be soon updated! MCPlayer HD Pro UPnP video player for iPad: watch favorite movies without copying with Dolby Digital Plus! iTunes:
  3. ArkMC

    ArkMC Media Center DLNA/UPnP application

    ArkMC | Arkuda UPnP Applications Website Hi to everyone! New version ArkMC will be available very soon! we are improving for you! Please take a look at ArkMC DLNA/UPnP application for iPhone,iPod touch and iPad. You can try a Lite version first...