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    Good news!! pr has been updated

    Hello friends, So finally the page rank has been updated...Are you all satisfied with your pr updates???????? Share your comments... :)
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    Purchasing apps

    Do i need to buy the app for the iPad even if i have one on the iPhone already? please help?? thanx
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    features in next ipad version??

    hi..what exactly will be the features in next ipad version?? :)
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    News for ipad app...:)

    Pulse News Reader is one of the iPad apps I use and now it has become a free app for the iPhone and the iPad, so now everyone can enjoy its greatness for absolutely nothing!
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    battery backup ????

    hi..I am new user of ipad and i my iPad battery last for 7 to 8 hours is it fine? Please share your opinion regarding the battery backup..:confused:
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    social networking apps

    Hello friends, Please share what are the top social networking apps that you can have on ipad. Thanks a lot:)
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    Sortshots application for the iPad

    Hello friends, Amazing Apps! The best part what I really liked about this app is that it is Fast and easy image retrieval through unique photo and video tagging. Tagging options include personalized keywords, ratings, favorites, or type of media – photo or video. Tapping on a tag provides...