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    3g/4g symbol on ipad 3

    I've had the new iPad 4G for nearly 7 months and not once has the 3G symbol displayed when I'm positive to be in a 3G coverage area. 100% of the time it either shows 4G or E. Is this normal? Should the 3G symbol show if in a 3G coverage area? Thanks in advance!
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    Ipad 3 and 4G signal

    Hi. I've owned my iPad 3 for several months now. Does it have the capability of picking up a 3G signal? No matter where I go, I see either 4G or edge signal on my iPad. I live in the country where there is no 4G but it says 4G. Could this be a defect? Thanks in advance!
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    Over the air update tp 5.1.1

    Hi. What is the size of the ipad's over the air update from 5.0.1 to 5.1.1? Thanks
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    Contacts icon greyed out

    Hi. My contacts icon on the springboard is grayed all of a sudden. Been this way for 3 days now. Whats causing this? I am jail broken. Thanks in advance
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    Switching sim card from 2 to new generation!

    I. If I remove my iPad 2 sim (which I have a 30 revolving account) and place in my new iPad, will it work or is that service tied to the iPad 2 only? Thanks in advance!
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    Selling ipad with cydia installed!

    Hi. I am selling my iPad 1. Jailbroken cydia installed. I have purchased items through cydia. How do I disable so that the new owner will not have access to already purchased apps? Thanks
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    News paper substutute!

    My iPad makes a great newspaper substitute while visiting the porcelain throne. Any one agrees? :)
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    Glowing tethering bar

    Hi everyone. I have the paid hot spot with AT&T. Is there any way to disable the glowing tethering bar when activated. It sucks the life from my battery. Thanks
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    Cannot connect to iTunes store!

    Hi all. Im requesting a lil help. Last night I restored my iPad 1 to 4.3.3 via tiny umbrella. All went fine. I noticed now that I cannot access the app store and iTunes from my springboard. It says (cannot connect to iTunes store). Password and user are correct. I attempted restoring...
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    Upgraded and now (no service)

    Hi all. I upgraded to 4.3.3 today and now I have no service on my iPad. I tried reset network but no luck. No AT&T logo and no signal bars. I search the forum with no luck of a possible solution. Any suggestions please?
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    Called the Apple Store

    Just called the apple store. Strange, they would not tell me exactly which iPad 2 was in stock. When I called out what I wanted, he simply said "sorry sir but I can't tell you that info on the phone but we do have them in stock. I asked him why could he not tell me because I am over 100 miles...