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    anyone selling ipad 1? i'm debating...

    is anyone selling their ipad 1 now that ipad 3 will be coming out in a couple weeks? if so, at what price? i have a 16gb wifi only ipad 1, and as much as i love it, i'm getting soooooooooooooo frustrated with apps crashing after i updated the OS to 5.01. i'm thinking about selling it, but...
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    safari to desktop

    I think I remembering hearing that you could save a webpage in Safari and have it as an icon on your desktop. So if you use a certain page daily and you just want to go to it immediately, you can click on that Safari webpage icon instead of going to the browser, finding it in your bookmarks...
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    Apple newbie

    Can I use multiple computers and iTunes for one iPad? Basically, can I use both home and work computer to sync my iPad?
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    Itunes using Paypal

    Hello, Still a newbie here, so sorry if this has been asked before. I tried searching and couldn't find anything. I'm trying to link my Paypal account to iTunes, but am not able to do so. I clicked on Paypal under the iTunes account section, went through all the verification stuff with...