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  1. davidalan99

    VERIZON DVR and live TV streaming iPad Pro 12.9

    I know this is kind of looking for a black cat in a dark room but maybe. iPad Pro second gen 512 gb running 11.2.1 VERIZON mobile app 5.1 on Fios at 100mg service Issue: streaming live or DVR after a few minuets (last time after support cleared out router and re mapped) for 35 min, then stream...
  2. davidalan99

    IPad Pro and Apple Notes App

    Interesting take from today's iOS 11 presentation. I would love to use notes more than I do, but when using the pencil the view has no lines on it for better writing. However during the presentation when they going over scan and a markup I captured this screen shot showing lines on the page to...
  3. davidalan99

    Proactive Assistant - Creating events automatically

    Perhaps this is a little basic, but I can not figure how this gets triggered. Does anyone know, after it is turned on in calendar, what exactly triggers the creation of an event. I have had a couple of emails sent with appointments times and dates both in the body of the email and in the...
  4. davidalan99

    Macworld Daily Reader no longer working

    Macworld Daily Reader for iPad used to be my favorite app. Used it every morning to see what is new. About a week or two ago the cover page for each section was updated (confirmed with web site), and you could reach some old articles. However when you clicked on a new article (any section) it...
  5. davidalan99

    iCloud document syncing from iPad to iPhone to desktop Mac

    So after a little work I have the cloud working for my iWork (at least pages) documents between my iPhone and my iPad like the commercial says, automatically I do nothing and it appears in the cloud. However it is now my understanding that to go from my Mac to a mobile device or from a mobile...
  6. davidalan99

    Reminders not updating on Mac

    Just a little heads up, I have been playing with this issue for a while. I could create a reminder on either my iPhone or on my iPad and it would update. However the reminder I created on my calendar would not flow to the iPhone or iPad and the reminders that I created on the iPhone or iPad...
  7. davidalan99

    The missing numbers / iWork manuals

    In coming over from the excel / office side of the world I find myself in need of two good books to curl up to. Can anyone recommend a good book on numbers, covering it on the mac and on the iPad, as well as a good book on all of iWork? From basic to advanced. If it needs to be more than Atwood...
  8. davidalan99

    To AirPrint with Airport Express or not

    I have been searching the forum for a couple of days and well I got a couple of questions I need a little help on. First off the equipments Fios wireless internet MacBook Pro iPhone 4 iPad 2 HP Office Jet L7590 all in one printer, not wifi Goal to print from my iPad, directly no...