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  1. cesctheman

    iPad 4 slow ios 8.1

    Hi since upgrading my iPad 4 to ios8 it stutters more but on my ios7 the iPad was butter smooth. It can be slow opening apps or switching apps can stutter too. Don't know what to please...
  2. cesctheman

    Trimming and Editing Videos

    Hi I need some advice, I've taken loads of videos on my iPhone, pushed them to my ipad. But how do I trim the videos permantly. I have iMovie , pinnacle and a few others, I had a look but they only trim videos for projects and that. Can anyone advise Thanks Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  3. cesctheman

    iPad apps keep waiting

    Whenever I update or download a new app it says waiting and does it for a while. It's annoying me now, it's been happening for a couple of weeks. I've reset the router,restarted my iPad. Any one got the same, any ideas to sort it Help please.
  4. cesctheman

    When is iPad purchased music coming to uk.

    When can we expect to see the purchased tab for music and everything arrive in the uk. Do we have to wait for io5 for these options.
  5. cesctheman

    Highway Code App

    Hi soon I'm learning to drive and I purchased theory test HD but I need something to learn the highway code first. Any apps with the highway code in. Or other suggestions
  6. cesctheman

    Apps gone up

    In the uk store apps that were 59p are now 69p apps that cost 1.29 are now 1.49. Less apps for me Discuss will you purchase less apps now.
  7. cesctheman

    iPad 2 to apple tv 2

    Hi is it possible to stream 3rd party app videos? I'm trying with AV player HD but getting no videos just sound.Same with VEVO hd.. Also what apps do you recommend for apple tv 2 Cheers
  8. cesctheman

    Hi everyone

    Hi , I have had my iPad 2 just over 3 weeks and am loving it. I have an iPhone 4 also, so I'm no stranger to the iPad and the way it works. Along with having loads of apps for my phone and now IPad. Look forward to chatting with some of you guys... Cheers Adam