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    7-inch iPad 2 Coming in Time for Christmas?

    I'd like a nice 14" HD Ipad, not a smaller one.
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    Ipad and Windows Live Skydrive

    I tried to access my Skydrive but I have way too many pictures. It tried to get there but it kind of got bogged down. I'm going to have to divide them into albums (I have every digital picture I've ever taken on Skydrive).
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    New Leather Cases and Pouches for your iPad from Cimo Technologies!

    Animal designs hit the "spot" for many women I know. Great idea.
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    How Many Of You Use The iPad Even When...

    I prefer it simply because it is more energy efficient. Electricity costs money and my lovely city just passed an energy tax increase. Anything I can do to reduce my costs is great.
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    Taking your iPad out in the wild

    I have a vaja case which just snaps on bottom and top. It makes it look like a fancy notepad. No one where I work has even noticed it's an Ipad unless they see me using it. Even then, if I'm reading they assume it's a Kindle. I've only used it outside on campus though, so I can't attest to...
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    Magazines on pdf to Ipad

    Email them to yourself as attachments them open them up in ibooks. That's worked fine for me for several PDF's.
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    I have had OOMA since the first day when I gambled $399 on an unknown company and product for free long distance and a second line. One of my finest gambles:D So when I heard about the mobile service, I signed up, and bought the app. I get the 250 minutes free as a "charter" OOMA subscriber, so...
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    ZooGue Case Review

    Matthew, that was an excellent, comprehensive review!
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    ANY have the Skadoosh Stand?

    That's a good lucking, well designed stand. I love that cam design. If I hadn't already bought the Luxa 2, I'd have a hard decision.
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    Ordered three leather cases.....I hope one will work out for me.

    I got a black Vaja Ivolution - love it. Top quality leather. Might not work for everyone, it has no way to prop up the Ipad. It looks very classy when carrying it, though.
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    Clear touch anti glare vs power support

    Figured out a great way to apply my Power Support anti-glare screen protector. Before I peeled the plastic off the Ipad, I got the screen protector ready and had my son peel the factory plastic down the Ipad as I applied the Power Support. Absolutely no lint, it is almost a perfect fit. Nobody...
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    engad:Unlimited data option disappears from iPads,AT&T tells grandfathered customers

    I got it all done in about 20 minutes this evening. Had to sign up for the 2Gig plan, then they transferred me to the "Ipad Support Team" and they switched it to the unlimited right then and there. Guess I was lucky that I just missed the big crunch in the last couple of days.
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    Order 3G from Apple by June 6th

    Thanks Muleman. Glad you at least get an Itouch out of it.
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    About Our Cases

    A couple of paragraph breaks would make it waaayy easier to read.
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    Order 3G from Apple by June 6th

    From my screenshot: I'm betting that Apple will make this happen.
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    Order 3G from Apple by June 6th

    Apple posted the grandfathering information on their webstore. I have a screenshot. This is becoming a cluster you-know-what. Taking all the joy of out getting the package.:(
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    engad:Unlimited data option disappears from iPads,AT&T tells grandfathered customers

    Just read some more accounts of people calling. After a long wait AT&T told them to sign up for the 2G plan and they will change it manually will take about a week. AT&T and BP should merge - that way there will be no question on which is the most screwed up company in the world.
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    engad:Unlimited data option disappears from iPads,AT&T tells grandfathered customers

    Unlimited AT&T 3G Data Disappears From iPads, Though It Should Return A little light at the end of the tunnel
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    engad:Unlimited data option disappears from iPads,AT&T tells grandfathered customers

    Getting mine tomorrow, wondering the same thing. If anyone gets info, please post for those of us who want to sign up for unlimited.
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    Order 3G from Apple by June 6th

    AT&T looks like they are pulling a fast one. They need to publicize the alternative sign-up for unlimited if they have one. My Ipad (getting it tomorrow) will go right back if there is no unlimited access - I'll get one at a later date in that case.
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    wow..I know these are made in China....but direct shipping from china?

    and "backdoor access circuit designed by Chinese Government Hackers".
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    Taking the iPad on the road - Family Vacation!

    Absolutely nothing wrong with roadmaps. If nothing else they work without batteries or signals. So are you driving? ...or navigating? Hopefully not both:D That's no fun at all! And - have a great time!
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    Will The ipad Be Outsold By Windows Tablet?

    Hey Ultrimate, why are you trying to stir things up? HP just dumped Windows 7 from their slate. They're going with a mobile OS. Does that tell you anything?
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    Anybody using an Igo Charger?

    Rarely use both tips on the splitter. I'll post the results once I get my Ipad if no one else does in the meantime.
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    What is the best thing you can do on your iPad?

    Whoa, didn't even imagine that. Could've used it when I went to pick up my son from college in NYC. Thanks for the idea.
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    Run Windows 7 and Microsoft Office on your iPad with Citrix Receiver

    I saw a video of a guy demonstrating it - he showed drag and drop (I think it was double tap, hold down and drag on the second tap) and right click (two finger tap). Video was jittery. This was on Revision 3's App Judgement. It did look like it could be quite useful but expensive at $30. I will...
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    Anybody using an Igo Charger?

    I just looked at it - 1.5A.
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    Scribd’s Decision To Dump Flash Pays Off, User Engagement Triples from TechCrunch

    They still have some Flash on their website - I have Flashblock on my browsers:) (Ipad is on its way)and I see little "f" symbols...
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    Anybody using an Igo Charger?

    I bought an Igo home and auto charger years ago and I love it. Basically a universal charger because you can buy tips to fit almost anything. I even have a cable that splits into two cables so you can charge two devices at once. I charge my cell phones, my kindles, and my DS with it. Just...
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    how much money have you spent on the Ipad so far

    I've got $225 so far, splurged on the case, holder and anti-glare screen. Possibly another $70 for a bluetooth keyboard. Nothing on apps, only because I don't get it til Wednesday. Son just got accepted to his college of choice (transferred) so this will be my last luxury for awhile.:D
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    can not find ipad anywhere!

    Lots of grads and dads getting ipads. Keep looking - might have to go farther outside your area.
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    luxa 2 stand

    Ordered mine from Amazon - they still had it for $50 - supposed to be getting it on the 22nd.
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    So My iPad Died today

    Glad to see Apple came through for you.
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    Seeking Feedback: Incase Convertible Book Jacket

    Lisa@fortte, smart move to welcome suggestions! Some companies would get defensive. I predict great success for a company that gives customers what they want.
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    Apple Store visit!

    Hi Abrennan - similar experience. I walked into an Applestore a couple of years ago intent on buying a Mac mini and nobody would talk to me. It seemed like the employees wanted to show how much they knew rather than ring up a sale. It has seemed a little better recently but I ordered my Ipad...
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    Someone did something that took me out of my comfort zone

    Def sounds like a person not to be trusted. Lock it up.
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    iFrogz hard cover

    Nice looking cover. Is the shiny part "grippy"?
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    Just ordered!

    Hoping mine comes early also - delivery date=6/24
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    Ipad Netfix TV

    Roku just updated their UI for Netflix, very nice, you can search. I've had my Roku box since the first day you could order it.