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    Finally, a Skin on my iPad 2!

    I have been holding my iPad 2 in it's original plastic since Friday but not anymore. :-) I finally received the Bodyguardz Skin in the mail today and applied it on right away. I'm still waiting for my Portenzo Case and Zaggmate. It will be a while for those to get here.
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    Disappointed right now with my new iPad.

    I discovered last night as I was booting up my new iPad 2 there are yellow tinting on the sides of the unit. I said to myself no way but then I decided to power down and power up again. Yup. Yellow tinting on the corners and just above menu button on screen. I read somewhere not to return it as...
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    Temp Case for iPad 2

    It's so frustrating not to be able to find a really good case on launch day and on top of that, I ordered a few cases for my iPad 2 weeks ago and none of it came in the mail. So today, I saw a bunch of iPad cases for the first generation on sale and with the help of a sales rep he recommended...
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    I got my new iPad 2!

    So I ordered one at 1 am and ended up cancelling it as I took my chances at a London Drugs location close to my work place. I got there at opening with another guy and he chose to stay. I didn't and went back to work since there were just the two of us. I went back at noon and inquired about...
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    Canada Online Ordering 2-3 Week wait already.....

    I was hitting refresh since 1 am and the site finally updated 10 minutes later. To my dismay it's already a 2 - 3 week wait for the iPad 2. Leaving the warehouse on April 15th and receiving it on April 22. That's almost a month wait. I still ordered one online but I think I'm going to try and...
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    Attention: VANCOUVERITES! Where will you be lining up?

    I'm thinking of ordering online at 1 am but then I really want one on Friday. I'm also thinking of lining up at London Drugs at Lougheed Mall. Less traffic. Where wil you be lining up?
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    iPad Pricing

    On it says starting at $519.00. 16 GB WiFi: $519 (CAN) 32 GB WiFi: $619 (CAN) 64 GB WiFi: $719 (CAN) 16 GB WiFi + 3G: $649 (CAN) 32 GB WiFi + 3G: $749 (CAN) 64 GB WiFi + 3G: $849 (CAN) Cheaper than last year.
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    Bodyguardz Skin. Did you order it?

    I ordered the Bodyguardz Skin a week and a half ago but I didn't even get an email confirmation or even saying if it's been shipped. Can someone tell me how long it took for them to ship? Thanks.
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    Black or White?

    After much thought, i'm thinking of getting the Black iPad 2. I used to go ga ga over white but I like the look of my Macbook Pro. What color are you going to pick up and if you already have one, what color did you get? :)
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    iPad 2 Launch Info in Canada on March 25

    Hello everyone. This is just an information that I received from London Drugs. Apparently, Apple specifically said NO WAITING LIST for the iPad 2 to all Authorized Dealers. It's first come, first serve basis only. And the stores will sell the iPad as soon as they open. Guess, I'm really...
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    I want to use AT&T Micro Sim for iPad while in the States

    Hi guys. Is it possible for a Canadian to sign up with an AT&T Data Account for my iPad? I used my Telus account in Seattle and my bill is almost 100 dollars! OUCH! Roaming charges are insane.
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    Camera Connector Kits are now Shipping!

    Yeahhhh! It's been a long wait. :-))
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    Desktop Connect and Apple Wireless Bluetooth Mouse

    This question is for Desktop Connect users out there. Will the Apple Wireless Mouse work with Desktop Connect while connected to a server? The Desktop Connect when connected to a server shows a mouse icon at the top of the screen. I'm wondering if this is an option that I can use with a...
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    What is your first Album download purchase from your iTunes on your iPad?

    Everything Everything by Underworld (Live!) Listening to it right now on my iPad. :)
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    iPad as a Reading Material.... in the Bathroom!

    Do you bring the iPad with you as a reading material in the bathroom? I sure do. What magazine or newspaper do you read while sitting in the throne? :D I read TIME Magazine and The Province. :D
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    June iPads are now shipping 7 - 10 Business Days!

    Wooo hooo!!! The iPads are finally on the roll again. My boss will be extremely happy as he can't wait to give the iPad birthday present to his wife. Perfect timing. The accessories are still late however. Camera Kits and Apple iPad cases won't be available till the end of June. I tried...
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    iTunes Won't Boot Up in iPad

    Today, I can't open iTunes and instead switches to the App Store. If this is what you're experiencing on your iTunes, I found a solution from one of the Apple forums. 1. Tap to open iTunes. 2. And then quickly place your finger on the "Music" icon on the far left. This will let you in...
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    VertiGo Bag from Waterfield Designs

    Hello everyone. I finally got my VertiGo bag for my iPad yesterday. This bag totally rocks with quality. It's not cheap but then there's always a saying that you get what you pay for. Waterfield Designs products are all made in San Francisco. The VertiGo bag is made from material that they...
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    Free Zagg Codes

    Hey guys! I won't be needing these codes for 25% off so come and get it. ia6bjf3a iabbj0ss Enjoy shopping! Let me know what you used it for.
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    iPad in June

    I just ordered another iPad for my boss as a birthday gift to his wife. Lucky woman! Any ideas when the iPads are going to be available in June?
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    My new toy! :-)

    This my new iPad with the Exo Sleeve from Waterfield Designs, Speck CandyShell in Batwing Black and supporting the screen is the Power Support Anti Glare. Enjoy! By the way, this was posted using Photobucket app with Safari.
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    Waterfield Designs. Highly Recommended!

    I just want to share with you guys this company I found on the web called Waterfield Designs. After reading the reviews about their products, I took the chance in ordering an Exo Sleeve for my iPad which allows me to store my iPad in the sleeve without taking the Speck Candyshell off it. The...
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    The Canadian Countdown Begins!

    Gosh! It feels forever waiting for my iPad. On my tracking it says it left Memphis already and no other updates after. Tick tock.... In the meantime, I'm still looking at apps to download. Can't wait to try them all tomorrow.
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    Show Yourself Here! :-)

    Hello everyone! I'm new on this forum and so glad I jumped on the iPad bandwagon. It will be great to see everyone here on this forum. Post your pics here with your new iPad. I still don't have mine yet so I will be posting my pic next week.