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  1. Fotonutz

    Unable to view Apple WWDC 2010 keynote address on ipad

    Hi, does anyone have problems watching the WWDC on their iPads? I keep getting this icon that prevents me from watching the video on my iPad. Initially, I thought it was a region setting that prevents me from watching, but when I used my iMac 24" to view the videos, I had no problems...
  2. Fotonutz

    How to hyperlink a Youtube video?

    Does any iPad users here know how to hyperlink a Youtube video to an e-mail address ? In most normal browsers, you can click on the URL and copy it and paste it to an e-mail, but I can't seem to do that on the iPad. I'm using the Youtube app bundled with the iPad. Does this mean the mobile...
  3. Fotonutz

    China unveils bootleg version of iPad and calls it the iPed

    Chinese iPed released in Shenzhen for only US$105 and it runs on Google Android! China Rips Off The iPad With The iPed Geez, wonder if Apple will still let them produce the next gen of iPad or iPhone there. But, this iPed has a smaller 7" screen and runs on Android. At these prices...
  4. Fotonutz

    iPad users from Singapore

    Greetings everyone! Any other iPad users from SGP? Got mine on 5 May in Arizona! Got a 16GB WiFi version only as I foresee myself upgrading to a next gen once it is out!