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  1. huyao

    What's the 16:9 iPad? Perhaps the next generation will be able to see

    Three generations of iPad is 4:3, if it becomes a ratio of 16:9, look like? Perhaps we will see the next generation iPad display ratio becomes 16:9. Los Angeles technology industry analyst Paul Mueller (Paul Mueller) released a research report said that Apple's next-generation iPad tablet...
  2. huyao

    iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S III Comparison Smackdown

    Here's a topic that can start wars: the iPhone 5 vs. the Samsung Galaxy S III. We've seen a heck of a lot of verbal violence on YouTube and forums, with insults hurtled between folks from both camps. Those of you who know me are aware that I don't start flame wars. I really have no use for them...
  3. huyao


  4. huyao

    Found the forum

    hi...this a start.I wish I will be ok here...
  5. huyao

    iPhone 5 early reviews in: The world's reaction

    Today marks one week since Apple unveiled the iPhone 5, easily the biggest, most-hyped consumer tech launch of the year. The initial reactions to the announcement were mixed. While many commentators appreciated the device's comprehensive refinements and overall evolution from previous models, a...