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  1. Nick Burns Giveaway! Win a JBL Venue LT Speaker

    I found this site when I first received my iPad. Although not very active, I do get daily emails on topics and it keeps me informed of all iPad issues. It's the first place I turn to when I do have trouble.
  2. Nick Burns

    App for writing TO GoFlex Satellite?

    I've had no luck in finding a non-jailbreak app that would allow me to send photos from the iPad (2nd or 3rd gen) to the GoFlex Satellite so I thought I'd ask the community here if there is a Cydia app that does such a thing. I'm looking for a workflow that would allow me to take photos from a...
  3. Nick Burns

    iTunes Manager?

    Know of any apps that will allow me to manage my iTunes Library on the iPad? Things like editing metadata, playlists and such? Sent from my iPad2 using iPF
  4. Nick Burns

    Universal Remote recommendations?

    Have you taken a look at the Logitech Harmony Link? Sent from my iPad2 using iPF
  5. Nick Burns


    Double-Tap either shift-key, or tap both shift-keys simultaneously.
  6. Nick Burns

    Transfer iPad 2 to New iPad

    Well, what I ended up doing was, within iTunes, painstakingly mimic the folders and pages from the iPad 2, then resync'd. This seems to have brought the icons back to "life".
  7. Nick Burns

    Transfer iPad 2 to New iPad

    OK I went into the sync options and selected each app, however they're not all showing up on the iPad. In other words, I can't find the icon, but I can do a spotlight search and find it. Sent from my iPad2 using iPF
  8. Nick Burns

    Transfer iPad 2 to New iPad

    This must have been asked a thousand times, but I can't seem to find a thread for it. I did a backup of the iPad 2 and restored it to the New iPad. Everything seem to go fine except the only things that didn't transfer were the Apps, Music and Books. Did I miss a step somewhere?
  9. Nick Burns

    Can I copy music from pc to Ipad and Iphone wirelessly

    I think you misunderstand how iTunes Match works. Unlike Google Music, you do not upload your music to the cloud. iTunes Match will scan your music's metadata and then make that song available to all devices. Any song NOT purchased through iTunes will count towards your 25,000 songs. Only songs...
  10. Nick Burns

    iOS5 Tips and Tricks

    This one has been making the rounds among different websites- once you split the keyboard, just to the left and right of the keys of the split, you get the key on the opposite side of the split. For instance, tap to the right of the letter T and you'll get the letter Y and vice versa. Sent from...
  11. Nick Burns

    iPad App Forum?

    Is there a forum dedicated to App Reviews like there is for accessories? Sent from my iPad2 using iPF
  12. Nick Burns


    With iOS5, creating albums in now native to the app. No more syncing with the computer to set them up. At the top of the app is an Edit button. Touch that and then a New Album button appears.
  13. Nick Burns

    For those of you who DIDN'T have any problems upgrading to IOS 5.....

    Here in Cali, I started the update promptly at 10am while at work where we have a 20MB T3 line. I then went to a meeting. About 20 min. later we took a short break and when I returned to my desk found that the iPad just finished restoring all my apps ~7GB worth. I was certain that I would have...
  14. Nick Burns

    App swipe!

    New in iOS 5…kind of handy, ain't it! ;-) Sent from my iPad2 using iPF
  15. Nick Burns

    Who will be the first to download iOS5?

    Too bad you still need to be "wired" to do the WiFi sync…you need to have the device plugged into power before it will wirelessly sync. Kind of defeats the purpose of "wireless", though I understand the reasoning, you don't want the device to run out of juice during the backup. ;-/ Sent...
  16. Nick Burns

    Lock Screen Camera Button iPad iOS 5

    The iOS5 guide to the iPad says nothing about the home button to access the camera on the lock screen, only about accessing the music controls. This may be an iPhone only feature.
  17. Nick Burns

    Who will be the first to download iOS5?

    Downloaded it at 10am sharp and was fully running iOS 5 about 20min later. :) This was for my iPad2
  18. Nick Burns

    Steve Jobs passes away

    Apple's homepage has switched to a picture of him with a link for condolences.
  19. Nick Burns

    Steve Jobs passes away
  20. Nick Burns

    My review of Noteshelf

    Were you using a stylus for writing? If so which one?
  21. Nick Burns

    Who paid for your ipad??

    I won an original iPad and my wife won an iPod in a contest at the beginning of the year. Knowing that the iPad 2 was due to be released soon, I returned them both to an Apple store for credit. The two items were enough to cover the full price of a 64GB 3G iPad 2.
  22. Nick Burns


    iOS 5 updated Photos app will allow you to create albums with the app natively (finally!)
  23. Nick Burns

    iPad 2 infrared receiver?

    EyeFi has an 8GB card that creates it's own WiFi network that the iPad can connect to. No need to remove the card from the camera to view pictures. I plan on buying one soon.
  24. Nick Burns

    Eye fatigue

    I've been thinking of getting a pair of Gunnar Optiks.
  25. Nick Burns


    I have NavFree... yes it's a huge download. It has trouble locating my home and finding my work addresses. I've read where others have had better luck, though. That's the only testing I've done with it and haven't actually used it to find a place I don't know.
  26. Nick Burns

    Will someone be able to jailbreak 4.3.4 in the future?

    Then again... Apple Closes Door on JailbreakMe, Hackers Immediately Offer Two Other Solutions
  27. Nick Burns

    Offline maps using Ipad 2 - confused

    I'm also interested in this capability, but Navigon is a $60 app + $20 traffic addon and as mentioned with the TomTom app it would almost be better to just buy the GPS. So which App is best used to show directions while offline? Sort of like when you use Google Maps, you set your endpoints and...
  28. Nick Burns

    ipad 3,4,5,etc etc

    How about complete home automation from Savant? Savant You know, except for the thought control. :p
  29. Nick Burns

    Best password app?

    Take a look at LastPass
  30. Nick Burns

    iPad 2 smart covers - pictures wanted

    Why is everyone dissing the Pink? :p I'll definitely be getting a pink cover once I get my iPad 2. :D
  31. Nick Burns

    How does it hold the ipad2?

    He's in the SnakeClamp forum, thus he's asking about the SnakeClamp.
  32. Nick Burns

    Noob questions about iPad 2

    Our wireless-N router is dual-band: 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. Perhaps the 5-G you're seeing is really just the 5Ghz signal?
  33. Nick Burns

    Favorite Smart Cover color?

    Real men wear pink! I haven't bought our iPad2/Smart Cover yet, but knew the wife would want the pink cover. :)
  34. Nick Burns

    Zagg InvisiShield

    Going to be buying the iPad 2 this weekend with a SmartCover. Should I get the full-body invisishield installed on Day 1 or wait a bit?
  35. Nick Burns

    Will garageband and imovie work for us

    From what I read, and someone correct me if I'm wrong (I am new after all), they will work with the original iPad, you just won't be able to record video, obviously.
  36. Nick Burns

    Verizon or AT&T for iPad 2

    I'll be going with AT&T if nothing more for it's postpaid option.
  37. Nick Burns

    Startup (Hope this gets updated for iPad 2! ;))
  38. Nick Burns

    What do you think you'll use your iPad for?

    Thank you for this. This is exactly the type of scenario I was hoping to find. When I received my iPad in January, I immediately returned it to Apple for credit towards the upcoming iPad 2. (Glad I did too, since I got credit for the full price!) I know the iPad has so much potential but I'm...
  39. Nick Burns

    Apple lowered the prices on the IPad 1

    If you've bought an iPad in the past two weeks (standard Apple return policy?), you can opt to turn it in or get $100 refund. Now I'm glad I returned my iPad as soon as I received it back in January.
  40. Nick Burns

    Are you buying the iPad 2?

    I won an iPad and the wife won an iPod in a contest this past January. I immediately returned them to an Apple store for full price = all totaled to $829, and would you look at that, it's the same price as an iPad 2. So yes, I'll definitely be getting an iPad 2.