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  1. thehatguy

    3-in-1 camera connection kit

    Anybody considering this new, unreleased camera kit? 3-in-1 iPad Camera Connection Kit Thinking about placing an order. Saw it this morning on Engadget. John
  2. thehatguy

    My awesome aluminum iPad case

    That's a pretty shabby case.
  3. thehatguy

    AT&T Payment Failed

    I had the same message. I received new debit cards and had forgotten to update many accounts. Called AT&T within minutes of receiving their email. Customer service was fantastic and said don't worry. You've got 10 days to rectify the situation. In my case, after updating with the new debit...
  4. thehatguy

    what type ipad case you got?

    This month, on my 4th case, my case of choice is my new Incipio Destroyer. Didn't like it at first, still has some quirks, but I'm keeping it for now. Very protective! John
  5. thehatguy

    iOS 4.2 Beta 2 vs HP Wireless Printer

    I use the HP iPrint app from the app store. Been using it for several months. BT printing to my HP Photosmart Premium is flawless. John
  6. thehatguy

    Incipio Destroyer case

    Received the case today. Goes on easily and in my opinion provides more than adequate protection. Can't speak for the Otterbox because I've never had any of their products. The fit on this product is incredible. You'd think with so many pieces that you'd have gaps somewhere. None! As you can...
  7. thehatguy

    Incipio Destroyer case

    Not yet. Should be here this afternoon. John
  8. thehatguy

    Dual Band Wireless Router ??

    Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n) Apple - iPad - View the technical specifications for iPad.
  9. thehatguy

    Is there a square root symbol for ipad

    I can't find it either. John
  10. thehatguy

    can't view pdf files

    Ditto what he said. Works fine. John
  11. thehatguy

    Incipio Destroyer case

    Geez fellas... tell us how you really feel. Surprised you splurged for an iPad.:rolleyes:
  12. thehatguy

    Incipio Destroyer case

    Just ordered this today. Already received notice it has shipped.:) iPad DESTROYER Case Looks rugged, yet more refined looking than the Otterbox Defender. I'll post more next week when it arrives. John
  13. thehatguy

    Otterbox defender

    Just ordered the new Incipio Destroyer case. iPad DESTROYER Case Seems similar to the Defender. Looks a bit smoother. I'll post more when I receive it next week. John
  14. thehatguy

    .pdf file issue

    Interesting. That is the only one I've seen do it. John
  15. thehatguy

    .pdf file issue

    This .pdf file looks good on my PC and iPhone, but on the iPad it gets garbled in some way. See bottom pic. No matter how I transfer it to the iPad it turns out this way. Other .pdf files are fine. John
  16. thehatguy

    Your Dream Ipad Stand

    A drink holder.:p
  17. thehatguy

    Reading ipad Magazines on a PC

    If you use Zinio to get your magazines you can view on all your devices. iPhone, iPad and PC. John
  18. thehatguy

    My iPad travel gear

    Very nice! John
  19. thehatguy

    How do I turn auto spell check off it's really annoying

    Get a program called SnagIt and you can do that all day long... John
  20. thehatguy

    Zinio - small medium or large?

    Love this app! iPad, iPhone or home PC. I can read my magazines anywhere. John
  21. thehatguy


    I use it. Works well!!! Buy one issue or a full year.
  22. thehatguy

    Netflix and I pad

    $8.99 package too. Use Wi-Fi only. Works great. I use it on the PC also. Bought a Roku box for the TV and watch it there also. All for $8.99 per month. Can't beat that!!!
  23. thehatguy

    iPad Tip #1: Add Extra Apps to Dock Tray

    You're a few months behind on your offering.
  24. thehatguy

    Elite HTS iPad chair

    Buy the stand alone version for $59.99. LUXA2 Store - H4 | LH0006
  25. thehatguy

    Otterbox Commuter Series Case Picture Review

    Much easier to do it this way:
  26. thehatguy

    Otterbox Commuter Series Case Picture Review

    Why not use the "insert image" feature instead of making us click on individual links???
  27. thehatguy

    U-Verse app updated to watch TV/iPhone

    Although the U-Verse app is for the iPhone, I was able to load it on the iPad and schedule programming on my DVR. The U-verse update allowing you to watch TV programming doesn't work on the iPad. Bummer. Perhaps they'll make a true iPad app soon. TV fans, tune into your iPhone! August 09...
  28. thehatguy

    My iPad travel gear

    The smaller zippered case is a nicely padded HP netbook case. Purchased off of Amazon. The larger zippered handle Ogio tote is one I get from one of my wholesale suppliers. The handle make the whole package a breeze to carry. A nice velcro sealed pocket on the front allows for additional...
  29. thehatguy

    HP Photosmart D110a

    Been using the HP iPrint app since day one on my iPad. I can print to both HP wireless printers from anywhere in the house via WiFi. It's an iPhone app, but works on the iPad just fine.
  30. thehatguy

    New iPad holder to review!

    I'd bet it will work on one of the Hard Candy shell cases. Pretty innovative.
  31. thehatguy

    My Favorite

    Looks like they stole it from Subaru. LOL!
  32. thehatguy

    camo case

    I've got to admit it looks slick. John
  33. thehatguy

    Desk Stand

    Joule by Element Case. www.element
  34. thehatguy

    WiFi Problem

    Try forgetting your home network and going through the whole process again. Worth a try. John
  35. thehatguy

    iHome Clock for iPad

    Doesn't look very robust. Wonder what the connector looks like.
  36. thehatguy

    Vaja and Piel Frama Cover Pictures

    I've got a black/ruby wine iVolution top case I won't be using. Brand new, never been used. I've got a good deal. PM me if interested. Going to put it in my eBay store pretty soon. John
  37. thehatguy

    Otterbox Commuter case

    ivolution Top for Apple iPad Color-scheme: Outside: Floater Black Inside: Caterina Ruby Wine Will be going on eBay soon. Brand new, never put on the iPad. John
  38. thehatguy

    ipad safari url window

    If that is too small an area for you to work with, copy the whole URL and paste into the notes app. Edit it and then copy/paste into the Safari window.