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    iPad Used to Create Art, but not how you might expect...

    Video: Beautiful 3-D Light Paintings, Extruded From an iPad | Popular Science
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    IPad Art - wow!

    This guy has some skill YouTube - kylelambertportfolio's Channel Imagine what he could do with a Wacom pen ;)
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    My favorite Remote Software got a nice update

    Wyse Pocket cloud update, now... 1. Supports both Windows RDP protocol and VNC 2. Supports remote video streaming (Premium version - streams the file to the iPad app to play) 3. Search the remote computer for a file from the ipad. 4. Improvements to the Thin Browser (makes your remote...
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    Did you know your iPad had this keyboard?

    I wish you could make this the default. This is not a jail broken iPad.
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    Amazing new screens in the works

    Now this is revolutionary Flexible Samsung AMOLED Displays Coming to a Smartphone Near You in Two Years
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    Made a Stand

    I saw a post from instructables (I think) about how to make your own iPad stand from a block of wood. I just happened to have some oak scraps in the garage, so 15 minutes with a stable saw, some Danish Oil finish, and stick on felt strips makes this. Sorry about the grainy pics, the iPad...
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    IPad software update for wireless?

    I'm downloading an update now. (had to update iTunes first, ugh) Supposedly fixes wifi issues? Anyone done it yet?
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    Some games to recommend

    I've installed a handful of games, only to remove them after a few days. A few I have found recently have actually impressed me enough to keep around. Modern Conflict - I mentioned this a while back, but it was demo only then. The full version is finally out. Think Risk on steroids...
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    Flash on your iPad and a great remote desktop app

    Wyse PocketCloud Remote Desktop & RDP Client - $15 This remote desktop app does everything. Right-click, gesture scrolling on the remote machine, CTRL, ALT, FN keys, drag and drop. Its worth the $15 of you are a profession, just for the RDP features. It gives you a "virtual mouse" that you...
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    Solved Text Selecting in Remote Desktop Apps

    I have asked in several threads about how to select text on a remote computer from variou remote desktop apps. Some of the RDP apps have copy, paste clipboard capabilities, but I couldn't figure out how to select specific lines of text, which made the whole clipboard feature pointless to me...
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    Apple's new marketing campaign

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    Could Microsoft Office be Heading to the iPad?

    Office Mobile heading to other platforms? | WMExperts If it can show powerpoint out the VGA connector, I would buy it.
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    How Many Apple Products Do You Own?

    I've seen several people say this is their first Apple product. I am in the same group as well. I have always appreciated Apple product, but never felt compelled to buy one until the iPad.
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    Send your cell phone voicemail to your ipad instead

    So, I ditched my Windows Mobile phone (which I loved) for the iPad and now carry a basic flip phone for making calls. I have texting pretty well figured out - when someone sends me a text, I reply from the iPad with Text+. One of the things I missed from my old Windows Mobile phone, however, was...
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    Note Taking and Drawing in One App?

    I'm coming from the Tablet PC world. One of the things I loved about my tablet was One Note and other apps that let you take notes and add hand drawn diagrams and handwriting to the same document all on the same page together. Has anyone made an app for he iPad that does something like this...
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    How often is your iPad with you?

    Just curious about where people are using their iPad. (As opposed to what you are doing with it)