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  1. scubadiver12165

    How to put videos onto Youtube

    Ones anyone know how to upload videos taken from the ipad2 and upload to YouTube? Each time I tried, it refused to recognize my YouTube username and password. I kept on getting invalid message. I confirmed that my YouTube username and password is correct. Is this a fluke with the...
  2. scubadiver12165

    Movies - Copy/Backup

    How did you do it?
  3. scubadiver12165

    Looking for good remote desktop software

    I see that SplashTop is having a sale right now. I'll download SplashTop when I get home this evening. Teamviewer is free for personal use, so I will get that as well. Between the two, I should be able to connect to my work laptop as well as my home laptops and home gaming rig. I do have a...
  4. scubadiver12165

    Seagate GoFlex wifi Satellite external hard drive

    I've been contemplating on whether to purchase the Seagate Goflex wifi Satellite external hard drive. The 32 GB on my ipad2 is simply not enough to store all the movies, home videos taken with the iPad, games and such. I read online reviews from places such as Amazon and Newegg and there seems...
  5. scubadiver12165

    Ipad printing

    I have a wireless HP Jetprinter that doesn't support Airprint. After reading up on recommendations, I got Print N Share. It's a heck a lot cheaper than buying a new wireless printer that supports Airprint, and it does the job.
  6. scubadiver12165

    Looking for good remote desktop software

    I need to find a good remote desktop software for my ipad that allows me to remote connect to my home and work computers and access them when needed. Thanks.
  7. scubadiver12165

    How to upload video to youtube?

    Does anyone know how to upload video taken from the iPad 2 to YouTube?
  8. scubadiver12165

    Facetime issue

    It seems Tango is made for the iPhone only and not for the iPad. That sucks.
  9. scubadiver12165

    Microsoft exchange issues

    It sounds like something was not configured correctly with your email. You need to get in touch with your IT dept and they should be able to assist you.
  10. scubadiver12165

    Need to print from ipad 2

    I have an HP wireless deskjet all in one printer. Is there a way for me to use that wireless printer and print something such as an email or a document from the ipad 2?
  11. scubadiver12165

    For those with wifi only versions of the ipad 2

    I second that. I have a 32 gb wifi only ipad2 and I'm happy with it. I use it for both work and personal and find that I don't need a 3G version nor do i need to get a tethering plan. Most places I go to have wifi, and if need to, I ask for permission to connect the iPad to their secured wifi.
  12. scubadiver12165

    Shipment date moved up!! Anyone else?

    That was my attitude as well. With all things considered, it could have been worse.
  13. scubadiver12165

    Im gonna give the smart cover a chance tommorow

    Really? I have not had that problem. It fell off once but that was because my 5 year old held the iPad by the cover. Once I explained to her that she has to hold the iPad and not by the cover, it has not fallen off since.
  14. scubadiver12165

    Im gonna give the smart cover a chance tommorow

    I got it here: The blue cover is not the exact same shade of blue as my smart cover, but it's also not so different that it would bother me. I originally saw their ad on iPad forum.
  15. scubadiver12165

    Shipment date moved up!! Anyone else?

    I ordered the iPad 2 on 4/24 and the smart cover, digital A/V adapter and camera connection kit the next day. The accessories arrived at end of the week. The Apple site showed that it was scheduled to ship on 5/09 and arrive on 5/10. On 5/09, I checked on the status, Fedex showed that it was...
  16. scubadiver12165

    Im gonna give the smart cover a chance tommorow

    I have a smart cover and I bought a separate back cover that's made to work with the smart cover, and I can't be happier.
  17. scubadiver12165

    Official iPad Owners List

    Owner of white 32gig wifi only iPad 2 with a blue smart cover and a rubber/plastic blue back cover. Just got it yesterday. Love it.
  18. scubadiver12165

    new ipad 2 owner

    I ordered the iPad instead of attempting to pick one up at the stores because they get sold out faster than the speeding bullet in my area. I also wanted to get the engraving done. It took a bit longer than expected, but I can't complain. I love finding out new features and follow up on this...
  19. scubadiver12165


    So if I didn't sync the photos via iTunes, I can delete the photos directly from the iPad without having to delete from the computer as well?
  20. scubadiver12165

    Are You Going Naked On your iPad Or You Using A Case And Or Screen Protector

    I bought a smart cover and a closely matching neoprene/plastic back cover. Been contemplating whether to get a protective screen such as that from zag. I hate seeing fingerprints all over the screen. I also have a 5 year old daughter who also claim the iPad as her own so I also want to make...
  21. scubadiver12165

    new ipad 2 owner

    LOL Good guess. Yes, I'm an old fart and I love scuba diving. Got into it a few years ago and loving it. I wish I got into it years earlier.
  22. scubadiver12165

    want to tether ipad 2 wifi only to AT&T iphone 3gs or iphone 4

    Thanks for the head's up. For now I'll go without the wifi. If it becomes too much of an inconvenience, I'll do the legit route.
  23. scubadiver12165

    Unable to hear caller on facetime

    I had no problem using my iPad and talked to my wife earlier using FaceTime. Now, when she calls me or I call her through FaceTime, she can hear me but I can't hear her. My iPad 2 volume is up and her phone is not on mute. We tried again several times and I was unable to hear her through the...
  24. scubadiver12165

    want to tether ipad 2 wifi only to AT&T iphone 3gs or iphone 4

    My wife has the iPhone 4 and I have the 3GS phone. What is "mywi" and where can I get it?
  25. scubadiver12165

    want to tether ipad 2 wifi only to AT&T iphone 3gs or iphone 4

    Does anyone know if there is a way to tether the ipad 2 wifi only to the AT&T iphone 3GS or iphone 4?
  26. scubadiver12165

    new ipad 2 owner

    Hello. I ordered the ipad 2 32 GB wifi and it will arrive next week. My wife has an iphone 4 and I have the iphone 3 Gs. I got the iphone about a month before the iphone 4 came out when my windows based smartphone died and my wife refused to let me go for a month without a cell phone until...