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  1. galloschramme

    iPhone 5 rumor - or sign of new MacBook lineup ???

    The recent rumors of 4 inch screens manufactured by Hitachi and Sony already shipping, will be used in the so-called iPhone 5. I think it is a bit early to start assembling the next iPhone when the current model has just been released… That same screen could also be used for trackpads in the...
  2. galloschramme

    Pogoplug with iPad?

    Has anyone tried the pogoplug with the iPad? i think this is a very good solution for people with too much data for on their iPads or for sharing files i was wondering if it does work with iWork files (because such a file is actually a folder) :confused: more info…
  3. galloschramme

    new iPad in november???

    Steve said at the (sept 1st) event: - iOS 4.2 comes to the iPad in november - iOS 4.2 brings HDR-photos to the iPad there must be a camera on the iPad to make pictures, right? so i guess together with iOS 4.2, a new iPad will see the light, this time with a camera, facetime, all the iOS...
  4. galloschramme

    AutoCad for iPad, iPhone and Mac

    Good news for architects and engineers with a mac and/or an iPad/iPhone! AutoDesk is bringing its flagship AutoCAD design and engineering software to the Mac, the iPad and the iPhone/iPod Touch. The Mac version will be released in October, the mobile versions will come soon. The Mac version...
  5. galloschramme

    How many mobile devices? Necessary?

    How many mobile devices do you have? do you have an iPad + smartphone + laptop? Do you need all of them? remember: cellphone ≠ smartphone
  6. galloschramme

    i spend most time using my…

    do you spend more time using your iPad than with your desktop or laptop? or with your iPhone? has your iPad overtaken your mac/pc?
  7. galloschramme

    photo editing

    i know there will be lots of (free) apps to edit your photos, but i was wondering if you could edit your photos in Apples app aswell as you can do in iPhoto it would be very nice to have the functionality of iPhoto on the iPad there's faces, places and events like in iPhoto, so why not editing?
  8. galloschramme

    Apple Remote

    i was wondering if you could control the iPad with the Apple Remote Control is there an infrared sensor on the dock of the iPad? i can't find it :confused: the universal dock for the iPad has it, so why does (not) the iPad-dock? i'd like to use my (future) iPad to give...
  9. galloschramme


    Hi! i'm a student (architect) i'm a real macfan! but that's not the reason i'm interested in the iPad the only apple product i own is an iMac 24", and that does not completely fill my needs, because you can't carry it, unless with a car or something like that, but apart from that, it's a great...