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  1. rudeman

    Report Leaks Pretty Much All There is to Know About the iPad Air 2

    Very excited. All we need to know now is pricing. Hopefully $500 or less for 32gb model. Very glad to hear we will get passbook so we can use Apple Pay. However I prefer the iPad Mini. Hoping it will have most of the same features as iPad Air especially Touch ID.
  2. rudeman

    Thinking About Getting An iPad Mini

    I had a regular iPad but made the switch to mini. The mini is just better. I tried going back to the regular iPad but I felt it was too heavy. It felt like a dinosaur. Glad I made the switch. And that one guy is right I would wait for the new iPad which will probably be announced in...
  3. rudeman

    Hbo go

    I would delete the app then try reinstalling. That should take care of it.
  4. rudeman

    Post your Pet

    The photo before of my dog is my lock screen pic.
  5. rudeman

    Post your Pet

    Here's a pic of our English Bulldog Benji. He just turned one year.
  6. rudeman

    Holding off buying iPad mini for mini 2

    Yes. I believe the new iPads will be released this April. So I would wait till next month to buy a new iPad.
  7. rudeman

    iPad owners average age

    Turned 50 in November. I think like a kid.
  8. rudeman

    How many apps have you installed on your iPad?

    I've 807 apps and counting. Have around 120 installed on ipad at the moment.
  9. rudeman

    Noob to the forums - just got first iPad

    Congrats with your new ipad. I know you will like it very much. 32gb is a good size. If u travel much and like to watch movies you might need a larger ipad. Good Luck.
  10. rudeman

    anyone trade the mini for the ipad 4 and regret it?

    Bigger is usually better. I would not mind if Apple came out with a larger iPad. More screen size the better. At the same time i am very happy with the ipad 4.
  11. rudeman

    Official iPad Owners List

    Have an iPad 64 gb 4th generation. Love it. Never let go of it.
  12. rudeman

    16GB or 32GB?

    Buy as much as you can afford. Bigger is almost always better. I have the 32 GB iPad 4 model. I will definitely be getting the iPad 5 possibly the 128 GB WiFi model. Hope new Ipad comes out this Spring.
  13. rudeman

    Share Audio Books

    Looking to share or exchange audio books. Does any one know how to easily remove the DRM from audio books.
  14. rudeman

    New Speakers

    I saw these real cool ipad and ipod speakers in a magazine which I can't recall where I saw them. Want to buy them. Has anyone seen these speakers? They work by attaching to any object and then vibrate giving you sound. Work great sticking it to a cereal box, paper etc.
  15. rudeman

    How many hours your ipad is used.

    Use it at least 4 hours a day
  16. rudeman

    Best Cover, Carrying Case, & Screen Protection

    Waterfield cases are very nice. A little pricey but worth it
  17. rudeman


    I agree with the previous opinion. However one can probably become quite adept with practice on the writepad app. I will let you all know. Plus with time great improvements may come. Move over Newton pad
  18. rudeman

    Words with Friends

    Addicted. Has become my favorite game. Challenging. Its cool because strategy and some Imagination is used. Try it. There is a free version available. If you want to play me my user name rude.
  19. rudeman


    Very cool. Highly recommend Expensive $9.99.
  20. rudeman

    The Question

    If you could ask Steve Jobs one question and one question only what would it be? And what do you think his answer would be? My question would be the following What will the Internet and computing be like 10 years from now? Internet TV will dominate. Everyone will use almost...
  21. rudeman

    CNET: Real world iPad annoyances -what do you think?

    Love my iPad. It's a fantastic machine. Nothing in the world much less electric devices are perfect. There isn't anything else out there that comes close The iPad will only get better over time. I don't think i will have to upgrade the hardware for sometime. When we get to install os 4.0...
  22. rudeman

    Are you an Apple Fanatic? What Apple products do you own?

    iPad 32gb iMac 2 MacBooks PowerPC iPhone iPod touch Want a new iMac and MacBook Pro
  23. rudeman

    Official iPad Owners List

    I have a 32gb iPad! Love it
  24. rudeman

    AAPL stock up, should you still buy?

    Apple stock will continue to rise. Many new great products in the pipeline like the Macbook Pro, iMac and iPhone. Plus apps, books, music, software, movies and money from iPhone usage coming in. Cash cows. Profits will be up higher an expected April 12 quarter results come out There may...
  25. rudeman

    Top 10 iPad Games

    Need for Speed HD. Angry Birds HD, The Mirror's Edge very cool
  26. rudeman

    Which iPad apps have you purchased?

    1. Angry Birds 2. Mirror's Edge 3. Need for Speed Favorite is Angry Birds
  27. rudeman

    Am I the only one who made an iPad mock up?

    I made one as well. I really liked it. No one else seemed to care.
  28. rudeman

    Convergence: A Wish List

    Totally agree
  29. rudeman

    Purchasing Applecare for the iPad

    Will use my AMEX will an additional warranty for a year.
  30. rudeman

    Pre order rumor

    Getting extra early tomorrow! Thanks for the info.
  31. rudeman

    iPad Case Reviews

    I pre-ordered my iPad case. I think its pretty nice. Here's the link. I order the horizontal model with the leather. Supposed to come in one week after the iPad is released in April. SFBags - WaterField Designs - iPad Ultimate SleeveCase - iPad Sleeve - Tablet Sleeve - Tablet Case - TSA...
  32. rudeman

    Will the iPad sell out the first day?

    Good chance the iPad will sell out first day. There are only so many units. The demand just might be greater. Remember only Apple will be selling the iPad for now. Why? Maybe because they can't make them fast enough. Will just have to wait and see.
  33. rudeman

    iTunes App Store

    Do you think we will have to pay to upgrade the current apps we have on our iPhones and iPods for the iPad? What do you think the chances are Apple or developer will charge extra? And will Apple have the Apps in the same store or give you a choice between the iPad or iPod verison app when...
  34. rudeman

    Apple Stock Price

    I wish I had bought more stock in Apple. I really believe in the company and Steve. Profits should continue to be HUGE. Apple will very likely get a nice piece of the magazine, newspaper and ebook sales for the iPad for years to come. I will be buying more stock very soon. Waiting for a...
  35. rudeman

    How many iPads will be available at launch?

    Maybe the lesser. That's why I will probably be one of the first in line at the Apple store. Don't want to miss out.
  36. rudeman

    What do you think you'll use your iPad for?

    Everything and anything
  37. rudeman

    Camp out for the release date?

    I'll be one of the first at the Apple Store in Thousand Oaks, CA
  38. rudeman

    Official - release dates and preorder! APRIL

    Does anyone know of any Apple resellers that that don't charge sales tax in California? $499 sales tax is $ 41.17. For that amount of money I would rather upgrade to the 32GB model.
  39. rudeman

    iPad CONTEST for iPadforum members

    Great idea. But don't think I will have a chance. Might be leaving the country unexpectedly.:)
  40. rudeman

    What do you think you'll use your iPad for?

    Read magazines and books primarily. Check email.