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  1. rwsimon

    Carrying Bag

    I just got a carrying bag for my iPad made by Case Logic. It's exactly the right size for the iPad with only a couple of extra pockets for chargers or such. Here's a link to it: Case Logic 7-10" Netbook Attaché - Pretty reasonably priced, too.
  2. rwsimon

    What a great iPod!

    With all the focus on the multiple amazing features of the iPad, it is easy to ignore its functionality as an iPod. As an owner of pretty much every generation of iPod, I have to say that the iPad beats all of them by a mile. The user interface for managing your music is superb. The big...
  3. rwsimon

    Sent from my iPad

    Ok. So this post is being written on my iPad. I've been playing with it for an hour or so and I am really impressed. Just a few quick observations before I go back to playing: 1. iBooks is amazing! I've used a Sony Reader for three years and this blows it away. 2. Email is great. 3...
  4. rwsimon

    Got It!

    Arrived at 9:36. Picture soon.
  5. rwsimon

    How Many People Have No Tracking Updates?

    My UPS tracking info still just shows the Chinese departure early on the morning of the 2nd (Asia time.) Some folks here are reporting all sorts of tracking activity into US depots. I talked to Apple and they said not to worry about what the UPS system is saying - my iPad will deliver...
  6. rwsimon

    Sharing iTunes with iPod

    When I get my iPad, how will I share iTunes with it and my iPod Touch? The iPad will have a much greater capacity which I plan to use for additional videos and such. How will synching with iTunes work in this case? Clearly, there will be many things that I want to go to the iPad that I don't...
  7. rwsimon

    Files and Folders

    There has been no talk (or expectations) of having folders and storing files on the iPad. Everything seems to be based on shuttling things through iTunes. But how will the iWork apps work? There must be some way to access your great American novel that you're working on in Pages or your...