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    New OS & Jailbroker Ipad

    My Ipad is currently Jail Broken when the New OS come out will I be able to upgrade to it?
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    APP to make Phone calls?

    Is there an app that allows you to make phone calls from the IPAD without belonging to a VOIP Sservice?
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    Photography Apps?

    I am a new to photography and have a IPAD and was wondering what are some of the beeter apps for editing and keeking pictures in order:ipad-peacock:
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    when will os4 be available for IPAD?

    when will os4 be available for IPAD?
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    Email Question

    I finally got my email set up and was wondering how can I get my email both on my Windows computer and on the IPAD?
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    Email set up trouble

    I have a bellsouth email account thru ATT and cannot get the email to work. I imported my setting from Outhlook and that does not work. Help? My incoming mail server in out look is 995 Outgoing is 465 ssl My outgoing server requires authentication...
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    Home Movies

    I have home movies that are in MPG formant how do I get them on the IPAD?
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    IPAD initial setup?

    I have just gotten my IPAD and have Itunes on my PC at work and home. Does it mattter whch one I do the initial setup on? Gordon
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    Just got my IPAD 32Gig 3g

    I have just recieved my IPAD and this is my first apple product. I have no idea how to use so I am prining out the manual and will be looking here for advise :ipad-front::) gordon