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  1. Duffman

    Garage Band as an instrument

    Not being a very good keyboard player always looking for easy ways to add organ,pian, or strings to a song. Recently I patched my Pro to my audio interface via a 1/8 stereo to 1/4 mono adapter cable. Started Garage Band....added a track. On that track I inserted SMART KEYBOARD. Was able to...
  2. Duffman

    Latest tune

    Once again this started life as an idea captured on the iPad Pro using Music Memo. From there I use Pre-Sonus Capture. Capture does an automatic transfer of all tracks from the iPP to my big studio computer for final mixing and mastering. More Than This Duff
  3. Duffman

    Dead pencil

    Man I can't believe this......First I had to wait 3 months to get one. Then after an OS update I had to continually re-pare it to my iPP. And now.... today I plug it in to re-pare and I get a message: This cable is not certified by Apple. It may not work with this iPad. Did a chat with...
  4. Duffman

    New Song Up

    This started life as an idea captured on my PRO in Music Memo. Steve Duff - Day Like That As it progressed I used my Pro and Presonus Remote to control Studio One for mixing and adding tracks. Remote is great! I can finally sit at the drum set and control the whole recording process from the...
  5. Duffman

    9.3 & Pencil

    Since updating to 9.3 my pencil needs to be plugged into the Pro every time I bootup to be recognized. Previously when ever I booted up my pencil was recognized immediately. No having to plug it in.......Anyone else having this problem? Duff
  6. Duffman

    ios 9 the Pro & WiFi direct

    Picked up a Brother HL-3170CDW wireless. Have the it and the Pro are on the same wifi network and the Pro sees and prints to it. But man is it slow. Having to spool through the router is painfully slow. Manual suggests for faster printing to do a WIFI direct connection between the printer and...
  7. Duffman


    Steve Duff, aka duffman. Found these forums after searching. Glad to be here. Seems there is a wealth of knowledge and an easy of sharing here, which is much appreciated. Not an Apple guy and never thought I would own an iPad. But....since getting my first one, Air2, about 4 months ago, and now...
  8. Duffman

    Music Memo-OMG!

    Just watched an instructional vid on the new Music Memo app. If it truly works as shown it is brilliant. Singer/song-writers all over the world are going to love this app. Wont have time to personally try it out for a day or two.....(killin me just killin me) The only thing I didn't see and...
  9. Duffman

    Interface & DAW

    One thing I am really looking forward to is using the'Pro' as a portable recording studio. Have played around wth G-Band enough to know for me, it sucks. So has anyone tried the new Zoom UAC-8 USB3 interface or the new Presonus Studio 192 USB3 interface with an iPad? Both state they will work...
  10. Duffman

    Sketch-up Like app

    Have been using Sketchup on a PC for several years to design crating a pallets for my industrial packaging fabrication business. I have looked at and tried a lot of different apps and nothing even comes close for ease of use. Hoping someone might have a suggestion. I did find WoodCraft, but...