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  1. ipfmike


    New iPad Day! It's just as cool as I thought it would be. I'm happy.
  2. ipfmike

    Who else is loves how their iPad looks?

    I do. The simplicity, the curves and corners. It's just so cool. Reminds me of a Telecaster. :)
  3. ipfmike

    Any other country music fans here?

    I just got into country on another forum, mostly older stuff from the '50s and even 40s, with a little '60s and early '70s thrown in. Anyone else?
  4. ipfmike

    It's official - I'm getting an iPad for Christmas

    My wife and I went to the local Apple store Saturday and she bought my Christmas gift - 32GB wifi-only iPad. Now all I have to do is wait 12 days.:)
  5. ipfmike

    not yet an owner

    Hi - I'm here for info in anticipation of getting an iPad in the next couple of months, maybe a Christmas present to myself. Thanks. - Mike