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    Check with your local Apple Specialist...they may have iPads Saturday...

    Put in your Zip Code on this page and do a search and you may be surprised by the responses when you call. There are 2 stores within 35 miles of my location and I called both... Store #1 said: We will have them on display, I can't say if we will be selling them...
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    Rumor has it that Canada release is April 24th - 3G too?

    MacDailyNews - Apple iPad to launch in Canada on April 24th? Apparently April 24th has been set as a "black out day" for Apple stores in Canada, meaning they can't take a day off. I wonder if the 3G iPad may also be released on this date.
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    Why is Apple keeping the iPad under such tight guard?

    I've seen multiple articles online talking about how Apple is now sending iPads to early developers but they have to only use the iPad in a room with blackout windows and the iPad had to be tethered to an unmovable object. I don't get it. Why all the secrecy if they have already made it...
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    Am I the only one who made an iPad mock up?

    :D Ordered the 16GB-3G version on launch day and being very curious and a little bored, I decided to do a mock up based on the exact size of the iPad (height & width anyway, the thickness is probably off a bit) Observations: The screen is actually smaller then I expected. The bezel around the...
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    iPad Log in/Lock screen mystery icon...

    Does anyone know what the icon next to the slider is on the log in/lock screen? I've seen it a few times and haven't seen anyone on any of the sites mention it. Almost looks like a user icon/photo...possibly for multiple users?