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  1. davidhburton

    Anyone self-pub in iBookstore directly?

    I decided to bypass Smashwords and just uploaded mine directly. I was wondering how long it will sit in "pending". Anyone else do this?
  2. davidhburton

    Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale

    Not sure if anyone else posted on this, but there's a huge sale on ebooks over at Smashwords for the month of July. Smashwords - Ebooks from independent authors and publishers (Best Sellers): 'Summer/Winter Sale' Specials Go get some ebooks!! :D
  3. davidhburton

    Shameless Promote Your Book Thread

    Hi all! I know the iPad is just barely out the door, but before all us authors start cluttering your forum with our endless plugs to promote our books, I figured I would start one thread for such purposes. That way authors can throw it all in here and keep your forum free from clutter <cough>...
  4. davidhburton

    An author who needs a big favor...

    Hi, I'm not getting an iPad yet (I'm in Canada) and my book is supposed to be on the iPad today for the launch (through Smashwords). Since we won't be getting ours until later this month I have no way of knowing if it's there and what the link is. I tried getting access through iTunes, but it...