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  1. SingingSabre

    "Cannot connect to iTunes store" error help

    Here's what's going on. When I try to connect to iTunes or the App Store via my iPad 2 (16gb, wifi), I get the "Cannot connect to iTunes store" error. My password is correct. Router, internet, firewall, etc are all fine. I've tried this on a number of networks, connections, and whatnot...
  2. SingingSabre


    I haven't seen any threads on this yet, so I figured I'd start one. Has anyone tried Google+ yet? What do you think of it? Personally, I quite like it. Also, if you want an invite, say so and I'll send me a pm with the pertinent info (name and email) so I can send you one.
  3. SingingSabre

    Ask SingingSabre anything!

    Hi! My name is Eddie, but here I'm known as SingingSabre. This is the thread where you get to ask me anything and see what sort of answers you get. So...ask away!
  4. SingingSabre

    iBooks and App store download problems

    I have a wi-fi only iPad 2 and have been having problems downloading updates and apps from the App Store and downloading books in iBooks. The downloads will show up and hang...and hang...and hang...and for a change of pace hang some more. Upon reboot, the apps will finish downloading, but...
  5. SingingSabre

    Your favorite podcasts

    What podcasts does everyone listen to? What are your favorite ones -- any recommendations? I really like This American Life and discovered 5by5 the other day. TAL is great by me because I love stories, 5by5 because it's a tech podcast and, well, I love technology.
  6. SingingSabre


    Is anyone planning to order anything from them in the next few days? I have a $5 credit for them I don't really have use for.
  7. SingingSabre


    Just got the email today. Work finally ordered the Best Buy gift cards for the winners of the contest, of which I'm one of. Soon as that office gets the cards they'll rush it to me, and then I'll get my iPad! Been waiting on this for 3 weeks! I already know the schedule that Best Buy gets...
  8. SingingSabre

    iPhoto question: sorting photos

    In preparation for the Great iPad Arrival of next week, I would like to prepare my photo galleries for easy upload. Here's the problem, I haven't used iPhoto. I'm a photographer, so I have folders of raw files, edits, and watermarked images. Is there a way to have iPhoto automatically search...
  9. SingingSabre

    Relive your iPad2 genesis through me

    I'm getting an iPad 2 next week (32gb black). Yes, 16 is likely to be all I will need, but knowing me, I'll be itching for that extra space. So, incorporating your experiences, trials, tribulations, blah blah, yadda yadda yadda with your iPad, what do you think is the first app I should...
  10. SingingSabre

    Soon to be iPad 2 user!

    Hey there! I'm a member in a number of other forums ( and a few forums relating to Android devices, photography, and other stuff), all under the same name. I'll have an iPad 2 probably next week, work is giving me one, so I'm pretty stoked. I'll be honest, it's not my favorite...