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  1. Fotonutz

    Chinese are really good at imitating

    I just googled China iPhone 4 and I was shocked to see the way they copied the iPhone...... Dual SIM, radio, TV, MicroSD card, removable batteries, Android OS and they managed to fit all these into a phone the size of an iphone 4. But it looks slightly thicker than the iPhone 4. Guess the...
  2. Fotonutz

    iPad Touch Screen Settings...

    Are there any cases whereby the touchscreen calibrations goes haywire ? If there is a chance that the touchscreen's calibration is off, it would be good to have a setting for you to calibrate the thing back. I know for windows mobile phone which uses a stylus, there is a calibration feature.
  3. Fotonutz

    Taking your iPad out in the wild

    Hi Sally, Thanks for the well-wishes. Yeah, the iPad is the only thing that is keeping me occupied as I still haven't fully regained the use of my right hand after the operation. So, its great for one-handed use! Hi Ivan Wow, I know how painful a broken ankle can be as you are resting...
  4. Fotonutz

    Taking your iPad out in the wild

    For me, I just had a spinal operation one month ago and need to go back to the hospital for physiotherapy as well as follow up appts. Just went for a software and hardware upgrade for my neck. Took out 4 cervical discs on my neck, removed excessive bone spurs and had metal implants. The...
  5. Fotonutz

    DVD Ripper for Mac Giveaway –Free Rip the Latest DVD to iPhone ,iPad,iPod,etc.

    YOU ARE A SAINT !!!! I searched for the giveaway and found this link: I downloaded the WinX DVD Ripper last night and was finally able to rip my Star Trek 2009 !! I've been struggling a long time trying to encode Star Trek. Here's a short review: The DVD...
  6. Fotonutz

    How long did you wait to open the box?

    Wait ?? The box was in shreds the moment I got my hands on it..... No waiting required :D
  7. Fotonutz

    Really Frustrated with iPad Today...

    Good grief, 3 ft of reinforced concrete? Mine is only 8" thick and I'm complaining about signal degradation. I can empathize with your situation:D On a side note, have you guys come across any wifi network analyzing apps like Netstumbler where it shows you the signal strength of the...
  8. Fotonutz

    iPad came in today, worth the wait

    JK, You've been very active even BEFORE you have an iPad. I bet you'll be spending a lot of sleepless nites from now......:D Enjoy your new toy mate! PS : Would suggest that you keep the autocorrect feature on. It learns and adapts to your lingo very fast! Cheers!
  9. Fotonutz

    I Hate When My iPad....

    Nice one Anthony :D LOL Blame that on iPad too:D Actually, I hv the same problem too. When my frens visited me in the hospital or at home, I would never get it back until they leave! On a more serious note, my Safari crashes once a while. Not a big issue as it will restart back to where I...
  10. Fotonutz

    Most impatient iPad fan goes to..... me!

    Yeah, the 32GB is a better bet if the iPad is being shared. My 16GB iPad is being shared by me, wife and my girl. Each of us have our own stuff inside there and it gets out of memory pretty fast! Good luck on getting the iPad!
  11. Fotonutz

    iPad is Great, iTunes is not.

    Hi Bremen It works! I didn't know you can actually drag and drop songs via iTunes until I saw your reply and started to figure out how. It was my little monster who showed me how to do it! :D However, I didn't hv a chance to try photos yet. Will try that later and see if I can do that...
  12. Fotonutz

    Really Frustrated with iPad Today...

    Hi Bremen, Oh, that's because I had a clear line of sight from my apartment to the pool. Using SpeedTestX, the throughput I got from my router is 8 Mbps even though I signed up for a 10Mbps plan. But at home, it's a different story as I'm only getting 2 bars at 5 Mbps. Guess my home has too...
  13. Fotonutz

    Really Frustrated with iPad Today...

    I agree with Mike. The iPad is definitely capable of a longer reach. Managed to connect to my home router from my condo's swimming pool which is about 100m away. I'm using the Airport Extreme. Think it has the potential to go further if I bothered to venture further away....but since the...
  14. Fotonutz

    Are you still happy with wifi?

    Hi Ellie Like you, I only have the 16 GB WiFi iPad and I've been itching to change it for a 3G version. But I held back on my decision to get the 3G version. Reason why I got this is to test out the ipad and I envisage that I'll be getting a 2nd gen iPad once it is out. The WiFi...
  15. Fotonutz

    Optimized Handbrake Presets to Encode Video for Your New iPad or iPhone 4

    Hey Y2K, Txs for the links! It's Great !!!! As a result of your link, I ended up re-encoding some of my favorite videos again using the SD settings! The quality is better than the Universal or iPod presets. When I'm using the Universal or iPod settings at full resolution(1128 X 720...
  16. Fotonutz

    I have a IPad, but there is no operation system

    If it is a legitimate iPad direct from the factory, then his friend should bring it back for exchange. Isn't that the logical thing to do if you bought an iPad without an OS? You'd start to bang tables and make a big fuss over it..... Conversely, if it is a illegally obtained iPad, I'd keep...
  17. Fotonutz

    Accessories Arrived-Just Need the iPAD

    Oooohhh......the anticipation must be driving you guys nuts!! Just bear with it. It's only at most 72 hrs or less before it reaches you. Just pray the Fed-Ex guy didn't drop your shipment onto the floor :D
  18. Fotonutz

    Camera Connector Kits are now Shipping!

    That's great news!! I hope they'll have sufficient stock.... Been asking people from US and Australia to look out for me for the past one month!
  19. Fotonutz

    I so need help please!

    Hi Matt Yup, you're right! "Places" are actually geotagging while "Faces" are essentially photos of your favorite friends or family members in the iPhoto library and it is sorted using facial recognition. So, these features are only available for Mac OS users. The Places and Faces...
  20. Fotonutz

    iPad is Great, iTunes is not.

    Hope some of the Apple iTunes developers are here in this forum reading our suggestions so that they can consider our needs for the next iTunes release. I'd really hope we can drag and drop songs, videos and photos into the iPhone or iPad like the WinMobile devices.
  21. Fotonutz

    iPad 3G & MobileMe Track iPhone - Video

    Wow....this is really impressive. Anyone here has a MobileMe account ? Is it worth getting ? Thinking of getting the family pack where it has 4 accounts and I can share it with my 3 other friends to defray the cost.
  22. Fotonutz

    Sold my 16gb wifi and wait for 32gb wifi is killing me

    Ian, You may be the first documented case of a patient suffering from severe iPadism (aka iPad Withdrawal Syndrome) :D I know how it feels....Whenever you hear any "ting" sound, you'll automatically think it is an incoming mail from your iPad's inbox :D Hope your new iPad arrives soon...
  23. Fotonutz

    How Tough Is the ipad, poor ipad...

    Well, if you are not sure if the iPad works, this video shows a brand new working iPhone 4 which is not even sync being dropped onto the floor..... Poor iPhone.... iPhone 4 drop test yields results (video) -- Engadget
  24. Fotonutz

    wow..I know these are made in China....but direct shipping from china?

    Hi Bris. Regarding the iMacs and MBPs, are they made in SGP ? Or are they just sent to SGP via transit to AUS ? I actually never bothered to check where my iMac was made in as I've discarded the box. I know there is an Apple office in Ang Mo Kio or somewhere near there, but I don't know...
  25. Fotonutz

    My Steampunk iPad Charger

    Very retro look for the power source. Nobody will ever know what's inside :) Great job....especially on the 3 USB ports !
  26. Fotonutz

    I so need help please!

    Hi Poison. Matt's method should be relatively problem free.....However, please note that when you do that, it does not sync your Faces and Places. It just creates the events and albums. If you don't need the Faces and Places, it should be OK. Hi Matt, I actually did the same thing in the...
  27. Fotonutz

    China unveils bootleg version of iPad and calls it the iPed

    I know......I recall reading that a cellphone exploded in China and the guy was sent to the hospital by his colleagues. He placed the cellphone on his left shirt pocket and when the battery exploded, it sent the phone shrapnels into his heart. Miraculously, the guy survived the ordeal...
  28. Fotonutz

    Wood Ipad Stand it stable ? Looks like the centre of gravity is a bit off to the back.... Is the wood heavy ?
  29. Fotonutz

    China unveils bootleg version of iPad and calls it the iPed

    Wow! US$80 only? Is it widely available in china? As I'm not an Android user, are the bundled software adequate for surfing the net?
  30. Fotonutz

    iPad Stand

    Hey Matt, The Netbook and iPad stand looks like a pretty good recommendation and the price is reasonable too. If you've bought it, is it any good ? Ray
  31. Fotonutz

    Idea: Homemade iPad Stand

    Thanks......It's just a simple workaround solution. Great when I'm using BigOven and cooking up a storm in the kitchen:D Saw yours too and it's also a great and simple solution. With some velcro, yours can be folded flat and carried around.....mine can't:(
  32. Fotonutz

    How to make a Pogo stylus clone

    Hi Starfire That was an incredibly informative video! Are there any other materials that we can use that are conductive? Styrofoam, sponge and rubber are definitely out of the equation. Just wondering if there are any conductive materials that are readily available around the home which we...
  33. Fotonutz

    iPad busted - NOT

    Hahaha.....happened to me when I was using my iPhone last year! Took off my specs and everything was visible again.
  34. Fotonutz

    Show Your Art!

    Wonderful sketches! Are these portraits of real people or just merely sketches ? I can draw technical stuff like cars, planes, buildings or spacecrafts. When it comes to drawing people or animals, I suck! A YouTube tutorial will be great :D
  35. Fotonutz

    iPad addiction

    I'm in! Been recuperating at home since my neck operation and the iPad is the only thing that keeps me connected to the rest of the world. Guess I'll be cured once I get back to work. :D
  36. Fotonutz

    Unable to view Apple WWDC 2010 keynote address on ipad

    Hi Wot-Fan, I'm using the default Safari Browser. Hi Numblock, I tried using your link and I got a cross right across the play button also and it can't play. Hi Izzy Are you able to click on Numblock's link and see if you can play? If yes, that would mean that there could be a...
  37. Fotonutz

    Difference between non-anti glare screen protectors?

    Hi Josun I've seen my friend's anti-glare screen protector for his iPhone and it seems to dull the image making it less sharp. That's why I'm worried that the same thing will happen if I get the anti-glare for the iPad. However, this time, the effects will be more pronounced than the iPhone...
  38. Fotonutz

    Unable to view Apple WWDC 2010 keynote address on ipad

    Thank god it's not only me....... Thought I screwed up some firmware or something. Well, I tried again just now and still no luck. Wonder what's the issue with the video. Codec problems or incompatible encoding ?
  39. Fotonutz

    iPad and Photography

    Hmm...Airstash looks interesting. However, it only uses SD card and not CF card. That will limit the use of this device to SD card cameras. Those that are using Memory Sticks, XD card and CF card can't use this. Any idea if they will launch another model for the other card types?
  40. Fotonutz

    DOMKE BAG: DSLR (canon 7D), iPad, 4 Lens, Flash, & accessories

    Matt, If your friends have a Panasonic Lumix LX3, try and borrow from them. It's the perfect travel camera as it has a Leica Summicron 24mm/F2.0 lens which is very sharp. It's the same lens as the Leica DigiLux 4. The sensor for the LX3 is way bigger than any compact camera and you don't...