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  1. swisspolo


    Hi All, Does any one know where a list is showing which countries the iPad is available in and which ones it is being released in on Friday? Cheers guys Si
  2. swisspolo

    Next gen iPad

    Ok, so this has probably been discussed and I just can't find it anywhere, but does anyone think the delay on iOS4 for iPad could signify a cheeky hardware upgrade for October/November time. It just seems odd that this world beating device, that Steve Jobs clearly loves, is left with half the...
  3. swisspolo

    Hoping for some help

    Hi guys, I'm very new here and I am hoping for some help. I am looking to start a company in the iPad accessory field as I have an idea for a new type of iPad stand. I am currently trying to do as much market research as I can in my spare time and I'm really hoping that some of you would...
  4. swisspolo

    A stand

    Hi guys, Has any one found a reasonably priced iPad stand yet? The ones I've found here in the UK seem pricey and bulky. Cheers Simon
  5. swisspolo

    Hello all

    Had my iPad 2 weeks now and love it. Granted I don't NEED it but it do love it. People keep asking me what I use it for, my stock reply is "Not sure really, but I really love what I do do on it!" most people chuckle and look pensive (or wistful, I'm not sure which) Cheers for now Simon