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  1. iDuffer

    Navigon doesn't work with iPad mini

    Silly question but do you have the WiFi only iPad mini? If so it doesn't have a GPS chip.
  2. iDuffer

    Who's upgrading their router for iPad 4?

    Airport Extreme / Express? Simultaneous dual-band, and the Express has airplay output.
  3. iDuffer

    Ouch.... EE's new data plan is pricey for UK 4G service

    You could theoretically use your monthly data allowance in 7 minutes (500mb @ ~10 megabits/second) £5 a min, what a bargain.
  4. iDuffer

    Satelite Internet

    Cellular won't work at those distances from the shore. At those prices it might be worth looking into short term sat phone rental. I have seen Sat phones for rent at £20UKP a day (with £2000 returnable deposit) data prices were ~£6 a megabyte so watch-out. Sort of off-topic, you could...
  5. iDuffer

    iPad Mini Could be Even Better Than the Newest iPad

    Rumour has it it's a Wi-Fi only device.
  6. iDuffer

    Airport express for all?

    I believe the 'special bookmarks' approach was disabled by Apple in the IOS 5.1 update. Grumble...
  7. iDuffer

    iPad audio to HiFi via RCA cables

    Yes, there will be some sort of DAC when dealing with digital source material, as we hear in analog ;) A CD player has an internal DAC(as does your AMP) and external DACs replicate this. Which is better? Manufacturers of exernal DACs would argue for example that they use more expensive...
  8. iDuffer

    iPad audio to HiFi via RCA cables

    Yes, you are right in all aspects. The airport express does however have a digital output (in addition to the analog stereo 3.5mm) The same socket doubles as a 3.5mm digital TOSLINK socket. I would imagine with the addition of a 'Digital Mini Toslink 3.5mm to Toslink Optical Converter' you...
  9. iDuffer

    Wireless connection between iPad and Hifi

    Interesting, it shouldn't drop out. Have you tried connecting to the 5GHz channels only? I achieved this on my express by using the Airport utility and giving the 5GHz network a different name.
  10. iDuffer

    iPad audio to HiFi via RCA cables

    I guess you could 'chew the cud' regarding the quality of the DAC in the iPad headphone output, compared to the SPDIF out of an Airport Express connected to an external DAC. However the 3.5mm to RCA is certainly the easiest / cheapest option.
  11. iDuffer

    Wifi Hifi Streaming capability to ipad3

    You could do worse than buying an 'Apple Airport Express' and connect it to your current Hi-Fi. This is a wireless option(Airplay), with great sound quality. The airport express has a 3.5mm audio out. The socket also doubles as a digital output, so you can connect it to an external DAC if...
  12. iDuffer

    What time will IOS 6 come out

    Downloading :) 18:07 UK
  13. iDuffer

    What time will IOS 6 come out

    Half an hour to go... I don't think it will come out on the stroke of midnight? Could be wrong though :) One of the poll options should read "Yeah, but I don't have to get up early?"
  14. iDuffer

    Can i use the ipad as a monitor for my xbox 360 or PS3?

    Well apparently the XBOX(JTAG) supports a VNC client, so you might be able to use iSSH for iPad to connect to this. I can't imagine you would be able to game with this though, the refresh rate would be quite slow.
  15. iDuffer

    Wireless connection between iPad and Hifi

    Yes the 'Apple Airport Express' can be connected to your Hi-Fi. This is a wireless option(Airplay), with great sound quality. The airport express has a 3.5mm audio out. The socket also doubles as a digital output, so you can connect it to an external DAC if you want to (the best option for...
  16. iDuffer

    has anyone found a portable battery for ipad3?

    Even though the iTrent battery is 12000mAh and the iPad3 capacity is 11,560mAh, to get a 100% charge on the iPad 3 there would have to be no loss or inefficiency in the charging process.
  17. iDuffer

    Connect to TV

    Video to TV and audio to speaker system not a problem. In case you had not spotted the audio output of the ATV3 is optical, so you will need either an amp with a TOSLINK input or a stand alone DAC. For music and photo's together, have a quick search of the apps store, there are apps that say...
  18. iDuffer

    How can i print from ipad3 if my printer isnt compadible with airprint?

    You can print to a USB printer connected to an Airport Express. I don't think the Airport Express has to be connected to the Internet. This is an expensive option, but you did ask for 'any way'
  19. iDuffer

    Any help would be great

    You would be better off with the iPad to HDMI adapter, and a HDMI cable. Or using the VGA adapter you already have and connecting it to the VGA input on your TV. Your TV may not support a VGA signal through its HDMI input.
  20. iDuffer

    Best External Speakers for iPad?

    I can recommend the Apple Airport Express connected to your Hi-Fi. This is a wireless option(Airplay), with great sound quality, assuming you have decent Hi-Fi. The airport express has a 3.5mm audio out. The socket also doubles as a digital output, so you can connect to an external DAC if you...
  21. iDuffer

    Problem with second new iPad - seek return again?

    I returned my iPad2 3 times when I bought it. When I say returned, I did what the previous poster mentioned, I opened each one and inspected it in the store. I then showed the staff what problem I was having. Dead pixels on all, apart from the one I walked away with.
  22. iDuffer

    iPad to HDTV connection?

    You connect from the adapter to the TV using a HDMI cable, buy the length you need.
  23. iDuffer

    Password No Longer Required for Free Apps in iOS 6

    This is great. I have no children ;)
  24. iDuffer

    Seeing the screen with polarized sunglasses

    Rotate your screen 90°
  25. iDuffer

    Limiting Maximum volume control

    I notice there are special earphones for children, search for "Ultimate Ears, Volume Limiting Earphones". However, I have not tried these myself.
  26. iDuffer

    Where to buy original 6ft Sync and Charge USB Cable?

    Do Apple even produce one that long? The only one I can see on their site of that length is branded "Incase" Mfr. Part Number: EC20055
  27. iDuffer

    Best Wifi channel on router

    Channels 1,6 or 11 are recommended to avoid interference. You will probably need hardware other than the iPad to see the channels in use by your neighbors. Netstumbler on a PC/Mac for example.
  28. iDuffer

    Camrea for ipad3

    The lack of flash is a hardware limitation, no app can add this. Perhaps an app with a 'slow shutter' feature would help you.
  29. iDuffer

    Change my GPS location

    I use a VPN provider for this purpose.
  30. iDuffer

    Help - Can you explain how Mifi works

    You can also place the MiFi in an area that gets a 'better signal', such as on a windowsill and perhaps get a slight increase in speed.
  31. iDuffer

    VPN or proxy

    I'm guessing not many providers will offer this, as if you tunnel to within some the destinations you mention, you may not be able to access large parts of the Internet due to country wide censorship? The popular option would be to tunnel out of the destinations you mention.
  32. iDuffer

    Soundbar Recommendations

    Has anybody got a "Soundbar" type addon for their TV? I'm interested in one, preferably airplay enabled. I do have an AppleTV so I could connect via TOSLINK. TIA
  33. iDuffer

    Connecting a ipad3 to a vacuum tube hifi equipment

    Some nice tubes you have there, keep your bit rates high to take full advantage. I use spotify on 'extreme' connected to my system. I notice the iPad supports FLAC (via app), although I have not tried this myself.
  34. iDuffer

    Best payg sim for ipad and question

    Good tips, I have been paying £5 a month for 500mb with Giffgaff. But the '3' SIMs are available for £12.45. Giving 1GB@£4.15 per month, nice :) Yes, I'm tight ;)
  35. iDuffer

    iPad car GPS charging?

    Maybe it will draw the max with a Bed Elf attached? Is it a pass through connector on the Bad Elf, or does it draw power else where?
  36. iDuffer

    iPad car GPS charging?

    I can just about get my ipad3 battery level to remain static (when using the internal GPS/Nav) if I turn the screen brightness as low as possible and turn off Wifi/Cellular. I'm guessing your Bad Elf unit is pushing it too far. Maybe seek out a charger rated at 5 volts / 3 amps? Do some research...
  37. iDuffer

    How pervasive are the iPad 3 WiFi problems?

    What WiFi problems ;) None here...
  38. iDuffer

    Watching Live stream football

    SKY + SkyGo app
  39. iDuffer

    New to iPad -- keyboard and shell prompt?

    You can connect some USB keyboards to the "Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit", this is an unsupported feature, it may or may not work with your keyboard. As has been mentioned a Bluetooth keyboard would be best.
  40. iDuffer

    How to sync Spotify on iPAD 3 !!!

    You have select the 'download button' and switch "Download Playlist" to ON (for each playlist you want to be made available offline) You then have to wait for the playlist to be downloaded onto your iPad. The playlist will then be available when you are off-line.