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  1. tecknoes

    Charging Lead

    Just had a nasty shock when I tried to charge my iPad 2, it refused to charge; first thoughts ......... a new iPad or an expensive repair! I "Googled" the problem and found that Apple had made changes to iOS 7 to stop the use of some third party charging leads. Yet another greedy ploy by Apple...
  2. tecknoes

    FilmOn TV Guide app

    I'm trying to sort out a problem with a friends iPad mini. She is using an Apple Digital AV Adapter cable connection to an HDMI TV, there is no problem with the picture output but when the FilmOn TV Guide app is used there is no sound output. If I load a video on the video app the sound is...
  3. tecknoes


    I have just spent many hours tagging hundreds on my photos on the iPhoto app on my iPad 2 to enable me to find them easily, is there any way to sync the photos with the tags to my iPhone 4 iPhoto app? I have noticed that the tag details are not synced to the fie data on my PC running Widows...
  4. tecknoes


    I have a number of files (about 150) created in an app called iA Writer saved on iCloud is there any way I can transfer them to Dropbox Nos Vemos .................. Gerry N .........Sent from my iPad
  5. tecknoes

    New copy of iTunes on PC

    I have just had a total crash on my laptop and have had to reformat and install Windows 8 and a new copy of iTunes. How do I get everything back from my iPad back on to iTunes? I am a bit wary that iTunes will delete some valuable pictures, music and videos on the iPad if I tell iTunes to...
  6. tecknoes

    Currency in Numbers

    Is there any way to link a cell in the iPad Numbers app to a currency so that it will automatically update, I have no problem doing it in Excel on my Windows laptop but can't see a way in Numbers Many thanks in advance for any help Nos Vemos .................. Gerry N .........Sent from my iPad
  7. tecknoes

    Prompts all the time from the iPad app

    The iPad app keeps telling me that there is a reply to a subscribed thread and when I log on the the forum there's zilch! This is happening several times a day. Sorry didn't know where to post this; hope someone who runs the forum picks it up. Nos Vemos .................. Gerry N...
  8. tecknoes

    iOS keyboard shortcuts

    I use a lot of keyboard shortcuts they all start with a lower case letter i.e. iS, gT, pV & iT etc., so I hoped not to confuse when writing as no words start with a lower case letter followed by an upper case one. The iOS shortcut facility does not seem to be case sensitive so when I write...
  9. tecknoes


    There are loads of YouTube apps ......... Does anyone know of the best app for for downloading YouTube videos and saving them to the Camera roll? I've tired about 3/4 of them and sometimes they allow you to save to the Camera roll and sometimes they come up with a restriction message; does the...
  10. tecknoes

    Adobe Elements & photo sync

    I use Adobe Elements to update my photos/catalogues to my iPad 2. I have arranged the albums on the iPad in alphabetical order (seems to tke forever!). Each time I do a sync with iTunes the order is re-arranged and the recent/new catalougues are moved to the end .......... is there any way to...
  11. tecknoes


    Is there any way to show the date next to the time at the very top of the screen? Sent from my iPad using iPF
  12. tecknoes

    Incomplete backup to iCloud

    I keep getting "Incomplete Backup" to iCloud on both my iPad and iPhone. I've gone through all the recommended procedures, shut down auto backup on both, and restarted it on both, deleted the backups on my my iCloud account using iCloud on my PC, made sure the WiFi (8Mbit) was working and the...
  13. tecknoes

    Photo tagging

    Is there an app out there that will tag photos with names, places etc and save the data back to a photo in the native photo app, so when you upload them to a PC etc the tags remain available. Thanks in advance for any replies ....... Gerry N Sent from my iPad using iPF
  14. tecknoes

    Form Filling

    Is there a way to stop the iPad from filling in forms as mine keeps putting in info that I don't want? Sent from my iPad using iPF
  15. tecknoes

    eMail to multiple addresses

    I send quite a few emails to the same number of people is there a way of selecting these people from my address book in the form of a list as, opposed to choosing them one at a time when I send an email on my iPad? Thanks in advance for any replies ....... Gerry N Sent from my iPad using iPF
  16. tecknoes

    Tags, tags, tags and more tags

    Is there a photos app that syncs the albums with the native photos app and allows searches on the tags that I've attached to each of my photos using Adobe Elements? Neither the native photos app or iPhoto recognises tags of any sort. I use an app called Stash but each time I import photos...
  17. tecknoes

    Files over WiFi

    Which is the best/good app for sending photos & videos to and from iPad and PC over the WiFi? I need to put some videos on to the Camera roll Sent from my iPad using iPF
  18. tecknoes


    Just used iTunes to send a movie file to the iMove app on my iPad but for the life of me I can't find it to use or do anything with, is there a way to find it and delete it? I've tried with iTunes but it only seems to be able to add files to the iPad Sent from my iPad using iPF
  19. tecknoes


    I want to upload all my photos from my PC "My Pictures" directory iCloud and perhaps buy some extra storage, as I read the blurb on iCloud it only puts the photos from the photo stream up there. Is this correct (?) or is there a way to save your photos to iCloud and retain the directories that...
  20. tecknoes

    unwanted apps on iTunes

    I haven't been using my laptop and iTunes for quite some time and the apps that are on there are way out of date as I have done some house-keeping on the iPad and iPhone over the last months and deleted loads of apps I don't use. If I were to delete all the apps from iTunes and then do a USB...
  21. tecknoes

    ipod touch folder on my laptop

    I used to have an iPod touch but no longer as I have an iPhone and an iPad. In the pictures directory on my laptop there is a directory called “iPod photo cache” with hundreds of files, it seems to be updating itself still even though I don't have an iPod touch. Is it safe to delete...
  22. tecknoes

    take out unwanted app in iTunes

    I have just deleted a load of apps from my iPad and iPhone, but when I fire up iTunes on my laptop it updates all the deleted app from the store. Is it feasible to delete all the apps from iTunes and then sync my iPad and iPhone back to iTunes to take out the apps that I have deleted, and stop...
  23. tecknoes

    Photos transfer

    I am trying to import my photos from my PC to my iPad and iPhone without using iTunes as when I use iTunes the native photo app has no control over albums etc, is there a way to do this or maybe an app? Sent from my iPad using iPF
  24. tecknoes

    Print via air print

    Is there an app that will print photos over air print to my HP ink jet, I need to be able to put more than one photo per page and also size the border etc. etc. I have the HP print app but it is vert limited in what it can do. Many thanks in advance to anyone kind enough to respond/help...
  25. tecknoes

    Altering Videos

    I have just taken a video with my iPad and it's turned out dark and a red colour. I can't video it again as the moment has gone! Is there an app to alter the colour and lighten the video. I can't see any way of doing it with iMovie. Thanks in advance for anyone kind enough to help Sent...
  26. tecknoes

    Photos App

    In the iPad photos app is there a way to delete photos from the "Camera Roll" when I try to delete them it asks me if I want to 'delete everywhere as they are used in other folders, which I don't want to do as I've put them into their respective folders. Is there an upgrade in the pipeline that...
  27. tecknoes


    I'm fairly new to photography, can some kind person recommend a (free) app to learn some of the basics; just looked on iTunes and there are 2365 photo apps! ...... rather a lot to sift through. Sent from my iPad using iPF
  28. tecknoes

    Missing App

    Is it possile for an app to be taken off my iPad without deleting it, I had a file browser for my NAS drive and it seems to have gone; even in iTunes on my PC. I have looked in my purchases and it's not there either Sent from my iPad using iPF
  29. tecknoes

    Ringing timeout

    Is there any way to increase the time my iPad and iPhone rings for on an incoming call or is this governed by my network provider, it goes to network voicemail very quickly after about 12 seconds. Can't see anything in 'settings' on either device. Sent from my iPad using iPF
  30. tecknoes


    I've managed to get "mirroring" to work with my Apple TV and iPad but the video output from movies is in a small box in the middle of my TV screen, am I doing some thing wrong with the seup on the iPad or TV. On my iPhone I can't see any way to setup "mirroring" at all, I can view Mp4 Videos...
  31. tecknoes


    I can't seem to get Keynote to move to the next page without a screen tap, I'm trying to get a continuous display with each slide showing for about 5/7 seconds. Thanks in advance for any helpful replies Sent from my iPad using iPF
  32. tecknoes

    Keyboard Shortcuts

    In settings/general/keyboard/shortcuts is there any way to insert a return character, when I press return setting up a shortcut it does nothing and the text ends up one one line, I would like to have it on three lines. Sent from my iPad using iPF
  33. tecknoes

    Calendar & Birthdays

    How do add birthdays to the Calendar app on the iPad? I've just put a new contact adding their birthday to the relative field in Contacts app, but it doesn't show up in the Calendar app. I've looked in the iCloud Calendar and no birthdays are showing at all Sent from my iPad using iPF
  34. tecknoes


    Is it possible to convert some of the storage on iCloud from the 5gb of main storage to the measly bit for email, a few photos in a few emails and its all wiped out! ............. It seems a bit disproportionate! Cheers .................. Gerry N Sent from my iPad Sent from my iPad using iPF
  35. tecknoes

    Camera Connection

    I have done some research into Camera connection kits, both on and off the forum and there seems to be a lot of kits that wont work after iOS 4.2. I've just had a look on the Apple site for iPad accessories and the camera kit is missing, is there a reason for this? Is there an adaptor that...
  36. tecknoes

    iTunes sync

    I have an iPad and an iPhone, I watch music videos on my iPad. The problem I have is when I sync the iPhone unless I remember to untick the music videos in iTunes before I sync the iPhone they are all uploaded to the iPhone using up a massive amount of space. Is there a way to stop this...
  37. tecknoes

    Photo Shop???

    Is there a photo app for touchup i.e. removing frown lines, smile lines, spots, thinning body lines etc. I use photoshop on my laptop but sometimes need to work away from the office on my iPad. I have the PS app and a few others but none of them seem to go that far, I know I can't expect...
  38. tecknoes

    Broadband Speed??

    I have an 8mbit broadband connection, using the same location in my house i.e. one floor down from the Fritz!box 7270 router, I'm getting 7mbit on my laptop, almost 6mbit on my iPhone but never more than 4.5mbit on my iPad 2 ....... anyone out there know why ????? Many thanks in advance for...
  39. tecknoes

    Photo Manager

    Which is the best photo organizer (free/paid) for the iPad, I heard that iOS 5 will have one is there any truth in this?. I have about 200 albums (hundreds and hundreds of photos) created with Adobe Elements on my laptop, I have just bought the Photo Manager pro app but it won't import the...
  40. tecknoes

    Getting a refund

    I have just spent the last hour and a half trying to find on iTunes how to complain about an app by email to them and come up with zilch. I have never known a website that is so complicated and frustrating .... I think they don't want you to complain and make it nearly impossible to do so...