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  1. Blackbelt

    Am I The Only 1 Not Upgrading ?

    Faster processor, greater camera, faster and better graphic processor and an awesome HD screen ( wear no glasses) has made it compelling enough for me. It is about experience.
  2. Blackbelt

    Finally saw the new iPad..

    I have all 3 Ipad (s) and clearly the iPad 1 had a better screen than 2 and of course the 3rd generation is amazing. I quickly discovered that I enjoyed the iPad 1 better than 2. Retina display on iPad 1 and 3 are amazing.
  3. Blackbelt

    Hotspot in ipad

    i use my phone hot spot feature and able to utilize my original iPad to go G3.
  4. Blackbelt

    iOS 5.1 update and wifi connectivity

    Same here . We have all three versions of the iPads with no issues and our 2 iPhones have been upgraded to 5.1 and operate well. This has been a great update .
  5. Blackbelt

    New Update

    How are you updating? Attached or wirelessly? What version are you updating from? PC or MAC based? Speed of connectivity?
  6. Blackbelt

    New Update

    Updated 2 iPad(s) and 2 iPhones wirelessly with no issues and all inside 15 minutes.Updates have made my iPad 1 runs very smooth. Amazing difference and no more crashes.
  7. Blackbelt

    First impression.

    Ipad 3rd generation is heavier than iPad 2 The back of the new iPad has a slight curve similar to the original iPad. Great Resolution.
  8. Blackbelt

    anyone selling ipad 1? i'm debating...

    Most of your issues has nothing to do with IOS upgrades, it is most likely the apps that have not upgraded to play with 5.01
  9. Blackbelt

    anyone selling ipad 1? i'm debating...

    The device is older than 2 years which in the world of apple is very old, After the 4th year, apple would leave you and the new updates can no longer be applied. The new mountain Lion OSX can not be used with any Apple units older than 2008.
  10. Blackbelt

    anyone selling ipad 1? i'm debating...

    The lowest version of iPad 1 (16G) with WIFI only is selling between $150 to $180 on e bay. I would expect to see it even lower by the time the iPad 3 releases. You can buy a used blue tooth key board ( Non apple) for about $10.
  11. Blackbelt

    IPAD downloads, virus etc...?

    IOS or OSX devices DO NOT need anti virus. Another words : PC gets virus, Apple does not.
  12. Blackbelt

    Zagg Invisible Shield.

    I will not cover or wrap an $800 plus device in plastic. It reminders me of my grand parents covering their furniture in plastic.
  13. Blackbelt

    anti virus protection for iPad 2

    Perhaps another windows user who can not let go of awefull windows environment and all the viruses and worms that carries.
  14. Blackbelt

    I Hate IOS5

    I echo the same. We have several IOS devices running on IOS 5.01 with 0 issues. The issue is not IOS.. I agree that upgrading with MAC based computers work better and since the systems are more efficient than PC the results are more superior.
  15. Blackbelt

    Is it ready yet?

    I have never missed an update and in most cases the same day of release and have never regraded it. I trust and believe in apple as I am an avid Techie..
  16. Blackbelt

    Is it ready yet?

    Perhaps, however I have experienced the same on both of my iPad 1 and 2. Some apps are more crash prone than others, thus Updating on a regular basis is a good practice.
  17. Blackbelt

    Is it ready yet?

    Safe for what? Some of the issues related to updates are operator issues whom perhaps not following the steps. I have up dated from day one with no issues and if there are challenges , then it can be fun and easily be corrected. Update and enjoy...
  18. Blackbelt

    Is Apple Planning an iPad Mini?

    " Steve said NO" and that is it. Why do we want to compete with sub standard Kindle or Black berry play book. The experience of a pad is 9.7 ". Having said that I enjoy my iPad touch and I phone4S as well as my iPad. My 11.2 Mack Book Air is a perfect size screen for a laptop.
  19. Blackbelt

    Few questions regarding the ipad2?

    Flipboard Puffin Browser 7 Billion CNN
  20. Blackbelt

    Hi there with my first apple device!

    Perhaps a stylist might help.
  21. Blackbelt

    My Safari keeps logging me out of sites. Please help!

    Perhaps closing all the background apps and re- setting your iPad might help.
  22. Blackbelt

    iPen for iPad

    The prices of these high margin items are to cover the R&D !
  23. Blackbelt

    Tj Maxx is selling the IPad 2 for $399

    I believe they only carry this item as part of this event. The regular price is $499.
  24. Blackbelt

    Tj Maxx is selling the IPad 2 for $399

    Unconfirmed reports: selective TJ Maxx stores will be selling the basic 16 g WIFI version of the iPad 2 for $399 today. This price is part of their door buster's event.
  25. Blackbelt

    Restored ipad ...what apps now?

    "Puffin" is a good choice. Their servers convert flash contents to HTML 5.
  26. Blackbelt

    MS Office For iPad

    Apple ..Pages , key note and numbers. They are the best Office apps as i will not spend a dime on any MS products.
  27. Blackbelt

    Restored ipad ...what apps now?

    Flipboard is my best app.
  28. Blackbelt

    Messages not working in iPad

    Lots of conversation on this subject on search however having said that , iMessage can only work with another IOS device running 5.
  29. Blackbelt

    Does anyone love the iPad but hate other Apple products (such as the iMac)?

    I gave up the frozen blue screens and world full of viruses of windows 5 years ago and have never been happier. I must have Converted over 100 friends and family to kick their old and distant windows to embrace the coolness and easier operating of Mac. Windows 95 was the last of MS days and...
  30. Blackbelt

    TV shows

    Depend on your cable company: HBO Go Crackle Xfinity ( Comcast) Hulu
  31. Blackbelt

    Unlimited Tethering iPad and iPhone App Approved by Apple

    As posted above this only works between iPhone, to MAC/PC only. No iPhone to iPad.
  32. Blackbelt

    Love the ipad

    iPad was designed and created for enjoyment no other tablets come close.
  33. Blackbelt

    IPad 1 - iOS 5 - Safari Crashing

    To my experience most causes of crashes are: Not closing apps running in the background. Not resetting the device. Some apps are buggy with no updates. Upgrade to 5.0.1 does not cause crashes, it fixed most issues. Lots of articles and topics on this subject on this fourm.
  34. Blackbelt

    New member, slightly used!

    Great, however iPad has lots more to offer than just apps. If you are close to an apple store sign up for their "one on one" classes to learn more about your iPad.
  35. Blackbelt

    Ipad photos wont load after update

    Please be specific on which update?
  36. Blackbelt

    Ipad keeps crashing since last update.

    Double hit the home button and close all active apps in the background. Seldom updating causes crashe.
  37. Blackbelt

    Emoji app

    You can activate the Emoji feature on your IOS 5.0.1 device. No need for the app.
  38. Blackbelt

    Question about upgrde.

    Just focus on the other great 200 new features on the IOS 5.
  39. Blackbelt

    NASA app

    Rocket to MARS I just had the pleasure of watching the "MARS ROVER ROCKET" launch on my iPad using NASA app. My location is about 3 hours south of the cape, however I was able to view the flames from the rocket standing in our court yard in plain view. You can follow this mission on NASA TV...
  40. Blackbelt

    will there be an external webcam for the ipad 1 in 2012?

    I located an Ipad 1 64 G on e bay for $300 and stayed there for 4 days before it was sold.