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  1. Mountainbikermark

    23" screen tablet This is in no way trying to state who is best, only to show what we consider bleeding edge technology today is only as cutting edge as the next development in the works. We have a...
  2. Mountainbikermark

    If you are on the fence about which platform to buy

    I own an Ipad and I own a Galaxy Tab 10.1 , know both systems very well. If you are equally loving both ios and Android platform one HUGE consideration before buying is service after the sale . Which manufacturer of the tablet with said operating system is going to be there if something goes...
  3. Mountainbikermark

    Woman thinks she is getting an ipad at discount but ends up with an iplank instead Support Our Troops!!! This post was Tapatalk approved Sent from this Galaxy
  4. Mountainbikermark

    FEMA app?

    With Irene bearing down on the east coast United States I started looking for an ipad/iphone FEMA app. Is there one? I didn't find anything. Support Our Troops!!! This post was Tapatalk approved Sent from this Galaxy
  5. Mountainbikermark

    Man it's hot here on the U.S. east coast

    Be careful out there Support Our Troops!! This post was Tapatalk approved. Sent from an Incredible phone
  6. Mountainbikermark


    I've got Text+ on my ipad, Android Tablet and Android phone. So what you say? Well if someone sends a text to my Text+ number the alert comes to all devices at once and whichever I answer and have a conversation with on one device if I switch devices it syncs the conversation to the device I...
  7. Mountainbikermark

    Photo crop by Limit Point Software.. Free on the app store

    Want a simple app crop or rotate your photos? Photo crop is easy to use, allows cropping of photos on the iPad, allows turning for those shots in landscape that you want in portrait, small in app size ( 2.8mb) and free. Support Our Troops! This post was Tapatalk approved Sent from wherever...
  8. Mountainbikermark

    Some ios 5 magic to hold you over for now Support Our Troops!! This post was Tapatalk approved. Sent from an Incredible phone
  9. Mountainbikermark

    Frisbee. Free on the store.

    Has anybody tried the frisbee app? It's a fun way to show off the iPad and have some fun at the same time. My 3 year old daughter is having a blast " flicking" the frisbee the letting daddy twist and turn the iPad to get the frisbee through obstacles and rings while collecting stars for HER to...
  10. Mountainbikermark

    Iconizer home screen shortcut maker . .99

    If, like me, you don't want to open your email app to send an email to your most used contacts Iconizer is for you. You can use your own custom photos or from a bank of premade icons. It shows up in the iPhone apps section but renders nicely with 1x and can be used to initiate a FaceTime call...
  11. Mountainbikermark

    Splashtop on sale today for $2.99

    For those on the fence it is on sale from the normal $9.99 I haven't tried it yet but for this price I'm downloading it now. It is an app that allows one to use their desktop like a personal server is how I understand it. I can use my desktop to play files on it, email, websites, etc and though...
  12. Mountainbikermark

    iPad keeps crashing when trying to upload pictures to Tapatalk

    For some reason when trying to upload imported pictures to Tapatalk the app keeps crashing. I've done the usual like close the app, power off/on after 15 second hold and leave off for a minute, xsysinfo to clean the RAM and it only does it on imported photos. Is this normal or am I doing...
  13. Mountainbikermark

    Got my Targus Zierra folio today. Features not covered in the above video include using it as a landscape orientation stand and I carry note paper where the video author puts his screen cleaner. I have a Zagg mate I use will use most often but when I need to take other things besides my...
  14. Mountainbikermark

    Dark or light background for better battery life?

    I know the iPad gets very good battery life but I do a lot of reading and am wondering if the iPad gets better battery life with the light or dark background. I keep my brightness all the way down on either except when I go outside. On my Incredible with AMOLED display the blacker the background...
  15. Mountainbikermark

    Why update to 4.3.2?

    I got a message stating it's out and I've read a few threads about it but nothing about the purpose of the update. Does it add anything,fix anything, change anything beyond the update #? thank you Support Our Troops! This post was Tapatalk approved Sent from my iPad
  16. Mountainbikermark

    You upset because your Ipad doesn't have Flash? Here's a way to feel the joy

    Some fine folks on this forum turned me on to an app called Puffin Browser. It's .99 only and works very well. Before some try to turn this into a why or why not, dead technology, why people who still use it are stupid , etc,I ask please leave the fanboyism at the door . Just like any Flash...
  17. Mountainbikermark

    Favorite planet/star gazing app?

    Ive got Star Chart but am wondering if Star Walk or any others are better working or do more than Star Chart What's you favorite app for stellar viewing Thank you Support Our Troops! This post was Tapatalk approved Sent from my iPad
  18. Mountainbikermark

    upload pdf and doc files to a web site

    Please forgive me if this in the wrong place. If I'm on a website and want to upload my resume in pdf or doc format my browser area is grayed out. How do/can I upload my resume to websites? I have the Safari, Perfect Browser,Terra Browser,iswifter browser and none seem to work. I've got the...
  19. Mountainbikermark

    Tapatalk now truly renders to the iPad

    I got an update for Tapatalk this evening and now instead of tapping 2X to get full screen and the graphics a bit blurry, it is truly full screen now and clear Support Our Troops! This post was Tapatalk approved Sent from my iPad
  20. Mountainbikermark

    Spider web screen

    I woke up yesterday, turned on my ipad and noticed a rainbow on the screen. I looked at it from the side and the screen had spiderwebbed like a car windshield does when it gets hit by a rock . I had never dropped it, thrown it, beaten on it or anything dropped onto it. I took it back to Target...
  21. Mountainbikermark

    Text Me. Free texting app

    I got a free app called textnow ( not text me sorry) , use one on my Incredible called "pass it forward" to forward my texts from my phone to my iPad. When I reply to one from my phone on my iPad it sends as if from my phone Just an FYI for those like me that want to text from their iPad and...
  22. Mountainbikermark

    Saving photos from email problem /question

    If I send a full resolution jpeg photo via email from my Incredible to my iPad it saves just fine. The problem is in November of last year Verizon pushed an update to Android phones limiting email attachments to 5 mb and my Vignette saves pictures as large as 10pm so I have to crop them to get...
  23. Mountainbikermark

    Is it my iPad or coincidence?

    Starting yesterday I keep getting a low memory warning and need to close running apps. I'm figuring maybe a rogue app . I also started having an issue at about the same time where the iPad is no longer trying to ping my router after waking from sleep for more than a few minutes . The screen...
  24. Mountainbikermark

    New to the forum and ios

    Hello everyone one. First I want to say thanks to the posters here for helping me acclimate to ups and the world of mobile computing. Until last week I used a desktop or Droid Incredible for all of my computing, forum surfing, etc. I wanted a netbook type of appliance vs a laptop for a bigger...