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  1. Svrdhd

    HOW TO - Change Folder Backgrounds

    The 'folders' feature of iOS 4 brought along a much needed means of app organization for all iDevice products. And it's also easy on the eyes as far as aesthetics go. But you may ask yourself, 'Self, why must the background be that gray linen design? Why not make it something more interesting?'...
  2. Svrdhd

    HOW TO - Remove Wallpaper Icon Shadows

    When replacing an icon on an iDevice, if one decides to use a non-uniform icon, there is a residual 'Shadow' where the old icon used to be. This can be unsightly if the new icon is not the same shape as the original icon in question (the default rounded square shape). Luckily there is a simple...
  3. Svrdhd

    iPad Decals/Vinyls (NOT SKINS)

    Hello all, I've been meaning to personalize my iPad for some time now with a vinyl sticker/decal. I've seen a few designs by googling the term and came across a small selection of helpful sites. Most notably: Etsy. I skimmed through the forums to find a thread on sharing decal...
  4. Svrdhd


    I'm new to the iPad experience having just recently bought my iPad 2 a few weeks ago. I have been looking for a site that discusses iPads and how to use them, this seems like the right place! Looking forward to interacting more with the community!