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  1. earlyadopter


    I read a thread here a few weeks ago on this forum about a person who got a replacement for a damaged iPad. Really, who cracks their iPad screen? Well I was finishing up last night and was about to place my iPad on the coffee table and it just slipped out of hand. No harm...looks like a smear...
  2. earlyadopter

    hree $1,000 Apps Vie for "Most Expensive iPad App

    Link to article on the most expensive apps at the App Store Three $1,000 Apps Vie for "Most Expensive iPad App" | News & Opinion | More detail from The Daily - WWW.THEDAILY.COM Oh yea, The Alchemist SMS is my app:)
  3. earlyadopter

    Maintain app organization when restoring iOS devices

    Interesting article that is worth the read. I have lost my folders a couple of times and it was a pain to set things back the way it was. Sent from my iPad 64 GB, WiFi, 3G using iPF
  4. earlyadopter

    4.3.3 Has anyone noticed a change in power consumption?

    It may be specific to my iPad 1 but my battery indicator was at 92% then I rebooted the device to be sure. I installed 4.3.3 and it is at 99%. I had always suspected 4.3.2 of accelerated power consumption/incorrect reporting. I'll watch it for awhile and see..... Sent from my iPad 64 GB, WiFi...
  5. earlyadopter

    I think I'll sit this one out.

    I purchased two iPads early last year. Both were 64 GB, one was 3G and we still absolutely love them and I use mine on average 6 hours a day. I was so inspired by the iPad that I purchased a Mac Mini, Airport Extreme, 2TB Time Machine, Keyboard, MobileMe not to mention iPad accessories and...
  6. earlyadopter

    iPad 3 in September?

    Just read this on Macrumors. Sent from my iPad 64 GB, WiFi, 3G using iPF soon to be an iPad 2
  7. earlyadopter

    iPad 2 specs said to include HD video, 3MP camera, DisplayPort

    According to Appleinsider... AppleInsider | iPad 2 specs said to include HD video, 3MP camera, DisplayPort
  8. earlyadopter

    Report details iPad 2 components, 5 million unit supply

    According to Apple Insider.... Apple's iPad 2 will feature a better quality display, faster chips, separate CDMA and GSM versions, iPod touch-like dual cameras, and vendors will produce 4.5 to 5 million units in the first quarter, according to a new report from Taiwan...
  9. earlyadopter

    Has anyone using a rubber tip stylus noticed smudges?

    I have noticed (when iPad is turned off) smudges where the tip repeatedly contacts the glass. I had to use a soft cotton cloth and some rubbing alcohol to remove the marks.
  10. earlyadopter

    iOS SDK 4.3 Beta 2 available for developers

    iOS 4.3 beta 2 and iOS 4.3 SDK beta 2 are now available from the iOS Dev Center. Use this new beta release to continue designing and testing your apps with new capabilities including the ability to stream video to Apple TV using AirPlay, iAd full screen banners, and HTTP Live Streaming...
  11. earlyadopter

    AirView App

    I downloaded AirView on both of our iPads and played around with it today. Pretty cool. I was able to AirPlay YouTube video and movies from one iPad to the other via WiFi. Since I don't own Apple TV this was my first experience using the AirPlay functionality. AirView is a free app available at...
  12. earlyadopter

    Apple's A5 Chip in iPad 2 and iPhone 5

    Looks like that dual core thing is going to happen!
  13. earlyadopter

    Under the Hood iPad 2, iPhone 5 and Apple TV

    Exclusive: The future of the iPad 2, iPhone 5, and Apple TV, and why Apple is shifting its mobile line to Qualcomm chipsets By Joshua Topolsky posted Jan 14th 2011 6:57PM Exclusive An interesting look at the future products from Apple. Namely the iPad 2...
  14. earlyadopter

    App Store, never noticed this before...

    After I upgraded to iOS 4.3 the App Store displays the red update icon with a zero inside?
  15. earlyadopter

    iPad 2 may be coming in April
  16. earlyadopter

    Verizon iPad

    Apple is going to release a Verizon compatible iPad. Apple to Release Verizon-Compatible iPad Models - Mac Rumors
  17. earlyadopter

    Owners Manual

    Watching the ball game Colts and Jets and saw a commercial for the Hyundai Equus. They give you a free 16 GB iPad and the car's owners manual is available on iTunes. Nice idea:)
  18. earlyadopter

    Unable to save image

    I am having a rough time trying to upload a custom avatar from my Mac Mini using Safari. I even downloaded one of the forum avatars and tried to upload it and that didn't work. I made sure the file size was within the specs but no worky.
  19. earlyadopter

    3 new versions of iPad 2

    According to Digitimes there will be 3 versions released in 2011 WiFi, 3G and CDMA Apple prepares three versions of iPad 2 for 2011, says sources
  20. earlyadopter

    iOS 4.2 GM 3C148 was posted today...

    Hey, I just checked and it looks like yet another version was posted today. Here we go again. I'm starting the download now.
  21. earlyadopter

    iOS 4.2 GM - 8C134b

    Just left the Apple Developers Forum and read a post that said that Apple has posted a new beta. I just look and the new build is 8C134b but they have not updated the date posted yet. Build: 8C134 iPad Build: 8C134b I am downloading it now.... I let you know later if it is in fact a new beta..
  22. earlyadopter

    4.2 GM and WiFi

    I installed 4.2 GM last week and with my developer account. I have not had an issue with my WiFi. In fact my WiFi seems a little faster. Everything seems to be working well with the exception being Air Print, now that is another story. After reinstalling the server print driver for my HP...
  23. earlyadopter

    Okay, i'm Board... Release 4.2 b4 already

    Apple release B4 already! With all this waiting I may start considering jail breaking my iPad just for something to do. Lol
  24. earlyadopter

    Opinion on iOS 4.2 beta 3

    My opinion expressed here is not intended to encourage anyone to experiment with beta software. That being said. I absolutely love iOS 4.2 beta 3! Yea, some of my apps do not work but most do. Yea, AirPrint does not operate yet. I have created folders, renamed them, multitasking works or app...
  25. earlyadopter

    iOS 4.2 beta 3

    I installed iOS 4.2 Saturday with a few issues most of which have been mentioned in this forum. I just installed 4.2 3 beta but I still do not have that app running in the background window. Am I missing something?
  26. earlyadopter

    My app launched yesterday!

    After about seven week of development the Alchemist SMS (Scrap Management System) was posted on the App Store. Shiny Button Software coded the app. Now the real fun begins:D
  27. earlyadopter

    Targus Stylus

    I read about the Targus stylus on this forum. Stopped at Best Buy and it was out of stock, so I ordered one online. Just received it today. I had been using a Pogo for the last two months. Okay, the Pogo is now the property of my wife. I really really like the Targus. There is little to zero...
  28. earlyadopter

    Our new app was just submitted to Apple...

    Well it's done. Our app was just submitted to Apple for review. I purchased my iPad in April and loved it so much that I have become a developer. The app is a linear optimization program for the steelmaking industry. The app will design least cost scrap charges and configure charging buckets. We...
  29. earlyadopter

    Under the Wire...Maybe

    Wow, I received my iPad Wi-Fi 3G 64 GB this morning (3 days early) it was scheduled for this Thursday. When I signed up on AT&T today, it appears I received the unlimited plan for $29.99. My wife is now the proud owner of my slightly used Wi-Fi 64 GB Life is good!
  30. earlyadopter

    Howdy from Ohio

    I have been lurking since I received my iPad 64G WiFi in April. I will give my wife the iPad on June 10th when I get my new 64GB WiFi + 3G. I was an original 1984 Mac user and switched to Windows in 1996 when I started my business. I could not find linear optimization software for the Mac...