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  1. L Leather cases

    Actually the odor is there to will seem like it's starting to fade after airing it out but as soon as it's brought back inside or whatever you did to air it out the smell comes back just as strong as before. My first iPad case was from, and it will be the last one...
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    Do they make a case like this?

    Not released yet but is in production..... Happy Owl Studio - iPad Clutch and Wallet - Home The clutch is what you might be interested in.
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    Question about the ipad wall charger.

    They were telling you that because of two reasons. 1. They are idiots if they really believed that charging an iPhone with an iPad AC adapter would damage the iPhone. and the biggest reason.... 2. They wanted to try to sell you something.
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    Question about the ipad wall charger.

    The iPhone one is 5 watts.
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    Question about the ipad wall charger.

    The 10 watt adapter is for the iPad. If yours is getting hot then it's a good idea to get it replaced.
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    Question about the ipad wall charger.

    Wrong. You can charge an iPhone just fine with the iPad's AC adapter. It won't harm anything. To the OP.....if your iPad charger is getting insanely hot when charging the iPad it is defective and needs to be replaced. Also, make sure it's in fact an iPad adapter and not an iPhone adapter...
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    The Perfect Case

    I'll second this....bought my STM iPad jacket a month or so ago and it's great. Definitely worth looking at.
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    Otterbox Commuter case

    The Vaja case you have....which one is it?
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    Otterbox for iPad

    The otterbox cases look interesting for sure. I like the idea of having the cover on the defender, but the bulkiness of it seems a bit too much. The commuter seems to be more slender, but paying that much and not having a screen cover seems a little too pricey. I'll have to wait and see some...
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    Car Charger-is Best Buy blowing smoke?

    Yeah which is true, and the ac adapter that you use for the ipad uses 120 volts AC and outputs 5 volts DC. That's the reason why I talked about the different voltages. But either way it's considered, the ipad will only need 10% of what that inverter can supply.
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    Car Charger-is Best Buy blowing smoke?

    Your calculation is correct, but the way it applies here, isn't. The .83A is at 120 volts, but the charger puts out 5 volts. If you to use 5 volts in the equation then you'll see that the inverter can handle up to 20 amps at 5 volts. Minus any losses inherent to the inverter and ac adapter...
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    Car Chargers

    Got a link for it?
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    metrolpad + sleeve?

    You should check out the STM iPad jacket here: Stm Bags LLC Jacket iPad Case in Accessories for iPads and E-book Readers at Fast and cheap shipping from that place. I use an iluv flexi-dot TPU case that I bought from CIMO, and I ordered the STM jacket as well. It fits in there pretty...
  14. L


    Klipsch - Image S4 Earbud Headphones - S4 KLIPSCH That's what bought recently for watching movies and listening to music on my iPad. The reviews at were really high so I figured I'd check them out. The reviews were right...they sound really good. Gotta make sure you put them in...
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    Is this normal for safari?

    You are definitely lucky....the automatic reloading is extremely annoying at times.
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    Car Registration In AZ

    AZ won't reimburse you for anything. I had paid for a 2 year registration and ended up moving here to the Chicago area after about 6 months or so. I tried to ask if I could get reimbursed for just the 2nd year of the registration and they told me tough's our money now. Said it was...
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    The 2nd Amendment Thread

    You have no idea how corrupt the politicians are here. The issue has been brought up time and time again....only to get shot down each and every time. One good thing is that since the supreme court overturned the handgun ban in DC, it will make it much harder for the beurocrats to continue...
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    The 2nd Amendment Thread

    Yeah I looked it up...April was when the governor signed the new law. I'm starting to like her more and more! When are the Brady bunch and they're pals ever going to realize that the only people they are protecting with all these unnecessary gun laws are the criminals who don't follow the...
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    The 2nd Amendment Thread

    The FOID is nothing more than a registry. The only thing that a registry is good for....they now know where to go to confiscate all the legally owned firearms in the event that that the 2nd amendment is abolished. No other reason for it....
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    The 2nd Amendment Thread

    Since when? I actually have a CCW permit from it in 2007 when I lived there for about 6 months after I got out of the military. Now I live in friggin of two states that don't allow concealed carry. Here you have to get a Firearms Owners Identification Card...
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    Is iPad right for me?

    Agreed.....a laptop will be a much better choice for college. Don't get me wrong....the iPad is awesome but for what you'll need in school the laptop is a much better option. can get both! :)
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    TPU vs. soft gel cases

    The last part of what you said in this post is what convinced me....wasn't so sure about having something that says "iLuv" on my iPad. lol So I just placed my order. Just out wondering though...with your free shipping (no other options) what service will you guys use? I'm hoping to get...
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    TPU vs. soft gel cases

    Ok so I'm gathering that what I've seen elsewhere "soft gel" must be the same thing as TPU and I've gotten it confused. I was under the impression that there was 3 different types of these style of cases....TPU, silicone, and "soft gel". But in reality, soft gel and TPU are one in the...
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    TPU vs. soft gel cases

    Here's a link to what I'm referring to when I'm talking about the black case. iLuv The black one that the same one that you already have on your website? If so, that's the one I'm mainly interested in but it must just be different lighting on your website....and in person...
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    TPU vs. soft gel cases

    Actually I was referring to the gel cases, maybe I was confused but I thought it was actually called soft gel....if I'm mistaken then thanks for bringing it to my attention. I am actually not considering a silicone case, much for the same reason that you stated (I was pretty sure the...
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    TPU vs. soft gel cases

    Couple quick questions concerning TPU and soft gel cases. 1. Which cases provides a better grip for holding the ipad? From my limited research it sounds like the TPU is more slick so it wouldn't provide as good of a grip as a soft gel case. 2. How difficult is putting either type of...
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    iPad worth driving three hours round trip???

    lol I have a 4 hour round trip commute I make everyday to go to work. Three hour round trip drive is nothing anymore.
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    Stop sending me to mobile sites

    Submit feedback to the website asking them to provide a link somewhere on the mobile page that will redirect users to the full versions of their websites....for those of us who prefer to use safari.
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    Need a very lightweight case with access to power adapter

    To charge your iPad, no you don't have to take it out of the case. To use the optional dock, yes you'll have to take it out of the case. But you'll have that problem with the vast majority of cases out there.
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    2-Year iPad Warranty Only $83.99 (includes drops & spills)

    ven·dor   [ven-der; especially contrastively ven-dawr] –noun 1. a person or agency that sells. I wouldn't go as far as to call him an actual vendor, because he doesn't have anything to sell. He's been saying it's going to be just a few days till the site is ready....since the...
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    2-Year iPad Warranty Only $83.99 (includes drops & spills)

    Link goes right to squaretrade's site....doesn't look like spam to me. Just someone trying to pass along some info and savings to fellow iPad owners.
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    What would you like to see in the new os?

    Aside from a fix for wifi issues, I'd like to see a stop to the automatic refreshing of safari when switching from one safari window to another. Or at least an option to turn it off. In some cases it's nice to have the automatic refresh....but the majority of the time it's just an annoyance...
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    Another Case thread !

    I actually went to Michaels today and picked up some Velcro brand industrial strength Velcro and it's working pretty good so far. Since the iPad is curved as it gets closer to the edges, I cut a small square and put installed it more towards the edge. The added thickness is pretty minimal, but...
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    Another Case thread !

    I'll have to second everything David said about the Eco Vue from Marware. I've had mine for a week or two, and couldn't be happier with it. Btw I just did the shake test....and yeah the little leather flap won't hold your iPad in if shaken. The Velcro idea is a good idea. I'll have to pick...
  35. L

    Weird battery life problem

    It shouldn't drain it nearly that fast. If memory serves me correctly, the 3G should give about 9 hours of constant use at 50% brightness. To the OP.....9% drained in 20 minutes is way too fast.....might want to take it in to get it checked out.
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    The EVO 4G available June 4th confirmed...

    Hmmm.....I might have to check that out when my iPhone contract is up. My wife and I would love to be able to use our wifi ipads everywhere. Any idea how much the service would cost?
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    What would you like to see in the new os?

    Would be nice if nobody had issues with wifi, because there's a lot of us out there that do. The problems I have are very minor compared to some people. Mine will disconnect twice at exactly 60 seconds after waking from sleep. The work around I've found for mine is to turn off wifi and turn...
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    What would you like to see in the new os?

    What I would like to a stable wifi connection that simply connects to any wifi and stays connected. I don't think I'm being too demanding. lol :)
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    Power Cord for iPad Charger?

    As long as the USB extension can handle 2 amps continuous of course.