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    *CONFIRMED* iOS 5, iTunes Cloud, Mac OS X Lion NEXT MONDAY AT WWDC

    Steve Jobs will deliver the keynote address. We'll find out then.
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    Will Apple ever make an ipad with an sd card slot?

    Why are you criticizing a company for a purchasing decision YOU made? I just don't get it.
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    How safe is credit card info given to Apple?

    There's no need to use a credit card on iTunes. Just buy an iTunes card. Easy to find at most stores.
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    newbie will a little attitude

    Then the answer is simple: don't buy an iPad. It's a free market. Technology is never going to stand still and if you are concerned that the next version of your particular widget is going to be better than what you just purchased, you'll never enjoy anything you own.
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    Why do people prefer to take handwritten notes on ipad?

    LOL! Paper notes can get lost or misplaced - at least my shopping lists regularly do. Since I've started keeping my list on my iPad, I never find myself digging around in my purse or pocket searching for that missing list. My iPad goes with me on all shopping trips. Ditto for my "to do"...
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    iPad Keyboard Secrets

    Thanks, Rich. Sure wish my Windoze keyboard was as smart!
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    newbie will a little attitude

    No apologies are really necessary. Like you, I'm new to Apple. Unlike you, I actually own an iPad 2. I passed on the first gen so I can make no honest comparisons, but I find the iPad 2 to be a quite fantastic work of engineering and enjoy every moment of it. Including the camera, which takes...
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    Smart cover "cleaning" abilities

    A damp cloth containing a bit of a mild liquid soap will clean the outside cover nicely - just make sure to use another damp cloth to wipe off any soapy residue. If you have a stubborn stain, the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser works wonders.
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    Radiation level for ipad 2

    How High Are IPad SAR Levels? Doesn't appear to be an issue.
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    iPad Feet

    You can go to your local Lowes or Home Depot and find similar items for less than $13. They're called floor protectors. Another IPF member wrote about this previously. BTW, the Joy Factory makes a very nice clear snap-on hard case for the back of the iPad 2 which adds no bulk or weight.
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    Do you think the white will yellow over time!

    Nope. We have white phones in my office which are over ten years old. Still nice and white. Am sure the materials used by Apple are more technologically advanced than the stuff used in the old phones.
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    Why doesn't ipad2 support html 5?

    I researched the iPad 2 before I purchased it, thus I knew what it could and could not do. Am extremely pleased with my purchase and find the price of apps pretty reasonable. Can you elaborate on how Apple is gouging me?
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    Adobe Flash support

    Can you name your source, or provide a link to it?
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    Why doesn't ipad2 support html 5?

    The hype is about Hype: Believe the Hype: Former Apple engineers release Flash-killing HTML5 authoring tool | 9 to 5 Mac
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    Cleaning of Interior of iPad Case

    I've been using a lint roller on the inside cover and a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on the outside. Both work pretty well for me.
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    All of a sudden I can't delete apps!?

    You said in another thread that you restricted a number of things to save battery power. Maybe something was turned off that shouldn't have been?
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    iTunes and Windows 7

    The OP did ask if anyone using Win7 did NOT have such problems, so I think theJohn was just answering her question.
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    iTunes and Windows 7

    Sorry you're having such an awful time, Hthompson1. I have a netbook with Win7. I recall having an issue once because my AV program was updating at the same time I was trying to sync. Now I make certain that all updates are done (including the OS) before I open iTunes. Have encountered no...
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    iPad 2 Battery Tip

    If you haven't activated Ping at iTunes, then how can it be active? Could be that apps running in the background, fetch for email, or some other process is using battery juice. Airplane mode keeps 3G from connecting when WiFi is not available and you don't need/want a connection. Like when...
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    Free scrabble

    I bought the EA paid version when it went on sale - think it was 99 cents. A great buy and I play it often (against the computer because I'm not a FB fan). Heck, I'd pay $2.99 because I like word games.
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    iPad 2 Battery Tip

    You have to enable Ping in iTunes first - so if you haven't, it stays dormant. I never set it up and am getting about ten hours between charges. I do keep airplane mode on (unless 3G is needed). Ditto for WiFi.
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    Cannot sign into Apple discussions forums

    Just checked - no problems at the iPad section: or Maybe whatever was wrong got fixed?
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    iPad 2 wifi connection drops intermittently....problem solved

    Since you iPad 2 has connected to a multitude of different WiFi connections since March 21 with never an issue. Inside buildings and outside as well. My smart cover is always on. Got a chuckle about your lawsuit comment. Most courtrooms have WiFi. The iPad is becoming an...
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    Apple Alert - New Product Launch this week?

    No way to edit in this section, so to fix a typo: Apple will introduce its cloud services this weekend.
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    Apple Alert - New Product Launch this week?

    Apple will introduce it's cloud services this weekend.
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    Best physic based games ?

    The World of Goo.
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    Charging iPad...

    I don't think you can drain it to zero. Mine pops up with low battery warnings at around five percent and shuts itself down at one-two percent.
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    How do I save Notes - in the "notes" app?

    Mine are always automatically saved (I don't email them). Try creating a test page, then press the + sign at the top of the page. You should get a blank new note with the first line of your test page just below it on the left hand side of the page. Touch the test page and it should open right...
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    iPad and the School Administrator

    It's neither a giant iPod nor a toy. You need to think outside the box. I did a quick Google search on "school administrators, iPad." There's a wealth of information out there, including the following: iPad for School Administrators The iPad's a rather amazing tool with terrific mobility.
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    Problems with my iPad2

    Funny how people see things so differently. The switches in the settings are in two sections: press the left side and it's on. Press the right side and it's off. I have a couple light switches in my home which are similar, so the setup is perfectly normal to me.
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    Does anyone know of car tune-up ipad equipment?

    Matrix I drive a Toyota Matrix - five speed. Have never owned an automatic; they're lousy in snow and ice. Now that I've got my snow tires off, my MPG is around 35-36 around town; on the Interstate I have gotten 47MPG (never leaving the right lane). No, I don't drive 10-20 MPH - the...
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    Bought my first Apple products

    Welcome to IPF from another new-to-Apple user. Why not visit the accessories section, or do a search on "cases" - you'll find enough varying opinions to keep you reading for hours! Does your wife have any preferences? I.e. a sling case (like a shoulder bag) for mobility?
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    Apple Regent St Store employee vents on Twitter

    He really should find other employment since he hates his job so much. Maybe something where he doesn't have to deal with the public?
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    Need notebook app that let's you cross things out

    NoteTaker HD allows that.
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    Does ipad1 have a microphone?

    AudioMemos is free. Or were you looking for something else?
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    IPAD 1 - Update 4.3.3 - Lost Programs

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you. For future reference, the poet noted the process he uses, which I've found to be excellent advice:
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    Does ipad1 have a microphone?

    There's a great little free app called AudioMemos that works quite nicely. I use it often while doing price comparisons on certain items. Quicker than opening up my note taking app. Just be prepared for odd looks from passersby who see you talking to your iPad.
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    iPad 3

    I just bit the bullet and bought the Apple charger with a six-foot cord. That one stays in the house and the one that came with my iPad stays in my case. Apple iPad 10W USB Power Adapter - Apple Store (U.S.)
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    Does anyone know of car tune-up ipad equipment?

    I'm a hypermiler and have been using the ScanGauge II on my Matrix for a couple years. Excellent product and it sits in a location on my dash where it's easily seen. ScanGaugeII - Trip Computers + Digital Gauges + Scan Tool I think placement of an iPad where you could see it without taking...
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    Verizon question

    The plan is month to month. You can cancel it after a month. If you don't use all the data you contracted for in a month, there's no rollover data. You start fresh the next time you need/want the 3G.