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    iPad Gets iOS 3.2.1 Software Update

    Clearly your good faith in Apple testing surpasses reality.
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    Not Getting Charged For Apps

    I know right! I mean, why not steal? It's so easy it's like I'm not even doing it. :mad:
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    Anyone here using the Apple TV out cables?

    You should definitely install TVOut2 for your games. It's not the greatest quality but I was playing Angry Birds before and it was fun as hell. I can see it being great when stuck in a hotel. I am also considering picking up the component cables too, but I'll use these for a while and see how...
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    Ipad MobileMe gallery

    Jailbreak and install FullForce for big screen goodness! :)
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    Firefox bookmarks import.

    I know it's not free, but the best way to accomplish this in my opinion is with MobileMe and the free XMarks application (Xmarks | Bookmark Sync and Search) for Safari and the same extension for Firefox. Once setup, all your bookmarks from Firefox will be synced with your Mac (Safari) and then...
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    Anyone here using the Apple TV out cables?

    I received the official Apple composite cables from my link above and was quite surprised that it was basically a new set complete with the AC wall charger in a slightly damaged box. Everything was in original Apple protective film and zip ties. So thumbs up to the seller. So obviously they...
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    wifi, 3G and the new ATT data plans

    My 3G usage since signing up for the Unlimited plan on 6/3/10. So essentially 3 days. I purposely logged my usage over the past 3 days so I hope this is detailed enough ;) Daily browsing for approx 3 hours/day on news/tech sites Pandora for 2 hours Email attachments downloads of 2MB...
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    Anyone here using the Apple TV out cables?

    Yea they should work since they have the Apple Licensed chipset. The only time you would need the jailbreak with TVOut2 is if you wanted video out in an unsupported app. That could be a game or something like AirShare or Springboard itself for presentation purposes. I think Netflix is...
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    Anyone here using the Apple TV out cables?

    I bought cheap $5 ebay cables hoping the jb apps like TVOut2 would let me pump out video without having to fork over $$ for Apple cables. But in the end the cheap cables just don't work. There are some workaround using paid Cydia apps like Resupported but they aren't iPad compatible and in the...
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    Is iPad right for me?

    The current work-flow and expectation of those in higher education and the professional workforce will not accept the exclusive use of an iPad right now. Soon? Maybe. But as Jobs said at D8, people will be/are uneasy of thetransformation away from PCs and therefore will expect and require their...
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    Help! I've bricked my iPad I think!

    +1 Hope you get your iPad restored. But people should know there is a giant disclaimer on the front page of Cydia. Read it. Not all iPhone apps are iPad ready. You may want to visit some of the forums (this link would be said forums) that discuss Cydia Apps before installing.
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    3G iPad? Did you buy 3G data?

    I thought about this too, but in my case downgrading 2 iPhones to the $15 plan and adding the now almost obsolete $30 Unlimited iPad plan ;) is the same cost as tethering and a a lot more convenient. Now if you are tethering multiple devices that is another story.
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    3G iPad? Did you buy 3G data?

    Nice! I did as well. I was going to wait a while before signing up for the $30 iPad 3G plan but once I completely analyzed my iPhone usage and the pricing change, I realized I will be able to downgrade both my wife's and I iPhone plans to $15/month ea. which will essentially save me $30 which...
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    Youtube quality over 3G

    Jailbreak and install 3G Unrestrictor ($2.99) from Cydia.
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    Poor planning by Apple IMO

    I'm in a similar industry and I know forecasting demand is extremely difficult. Companies spend millions of dollars just trying to guess the demand for a product. Even a company like Apple with all their resources can never perfectly forecast demand. Nobody can. The best in the business is...
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    3G iPad? Did you buy 3G data?

    There are a number of reasons to get a 3G iPad over a Wifi only version. Obviously the option to buy 3G data when needed is a huge advantage, but the GPS antenna is also an attractive addition. So I ask this... how many of you have a 3G iPad without cellular data? Also, now that AT&T will...
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    Tips on draining ipad battery?

    I'm actually hitting the 15-20% mark every other day...that's when I juice it while I sleep. I never understood those that constantly keep topping off their battery (at a desk, in a car, etc). Just use your device as you normally would and you will drain the battery to a point that will allow...
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    Clear touch anti glare vs power support

    +1 on the Power Support Anti-Glare. I have one on my iPad and it has made it a lot more usable outside in the sun. The scratch protection is a nice bonus.
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    Best Cover, Carrying Case, & Screen Protection

    That looks like a nice case. I just received a REALLY nice smoked TPU case from ebay for $12 shipped that is pretty similar and I am very pleased and impressed. You can't beat the price and the quality is what I would expect from the likes of Griffin, etc. Here's a link: SMOKE TPU TINT SKIN...
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    Am I the only one sad enough .....

    I feel the same way with my iPhone, but the oil resistant coating on my iPhone 3GS (and iPad) does indeed scratch. It's not so bad on a small screen, but on the iPad it could become annoying. Also, glare and fingerprints are less of a concern on the iPhone than they are on the large screen iPad...
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    since getting the ipad how much stuff have you gotten rid of

    I sold an older MacBook Pro and an Apple TV (just in time ;)) to pay for a 16GB 3G iPad plus some apps and accessories. I'm still hanging onto my unibody MacBook but it's getting a lot less use these days. The same goes for my iPhone.... I had to wait 1 hour today at the doctor's office and...
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    Am I the only one sad enough .....

    I kept the factory wrap on for a day until I had a chance to apply my screen protector so you aren't crazy. Then again, I'm not sure how long you've been sporting it. ;) Holly, all screen protectors are NOT alike. It was tough to spend $25 on a screen protector, but after reading all the...
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    Apple Store 3G Reservation Policy

    For the archives: reserved 5/10 and picked up 5/25 (15 days) for a 16GB 3G at the Rockaway NJ store. I'm not a patient man but in the end it allowed me time to get some other items like the Power Support protector and a case in hand before taking the iPad home. So far I'm loving it!
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    Did anybody 'Reserve' their iPad In-Store?

    I went on the list at the Rockaway, NJ store and have been waiting for 14 days and haven't received notice yet. I wish I had just ordered online when it was 5-7 days especially since the local store claimed it would be "under a week".