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    FlatPad, an iPad knockoff, makes its way to US for under $300

    Is it just me or does it take awhile to boot up? Check it at 4:00. Reminds me of crappy pcs.
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    iOS 3.2 VS 3.2.1 wifi speeds

    Since the upgrade I've gotten full bars on wifi. DL speed at 14mbps which is damn close to verizon's advertised speed. Very content here!!!!!
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    iPad Gets iOS 3.2.1 Software Update

    What a difference! No more annoying connection drops! Can't wait for the 4.0 if the 3.2.1 made such a big difference for me
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    Wi-Fi Reception: mine is not good, how's yours?

    Updated to 3.2.1 and also changed from wep to wpa2. Running perfectly so far! I also turned back on the auto-brightness. Hooray!
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    WiFi connectivity: WEP vs WAP (and neither works)

    I tried to turn off wifi on my verizon fios actiontec router by plugging in my laptop to the router by wire, typing which got me into the verizon site. Username: admin and tried password and password1 but both failed. I also noticed that I could not manually type in the password as...
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    Disappointed with netflix streaming selection

    Okay, I'm still not seeing this option to play next episode. I'm not playing in full screen mode either. When the episode finishes (including credits) the next screen is the main menu. I'm perplexed... What's wrong? I even re-installed the netflix app but same problem persists.
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    Disappointed with netflix streaming selection

    thanks, i'll try that.
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    Disappointed with netflix streaming selection

    thanks. for some reason i don't see that option to choose the next episode. it brings me back to the main screen.
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    Disappointed with netflix streaming selection

    When trying to watch a tv series through instant streaming I have a difficult time advancing or skipping to the next episode. Am I missing something?
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    my ipad was originally scheduled to be delivered on 7/12 but it was shipped out on 7/3. scheduled delivery by fedex changed to 7/7, but as of this morning it's on the fedex delivery truck so i'll be getting mine today!!! just wanted to share my experiences with you guys who are ordering or...
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    Seoul Man...

    tks, i'll look into this. i'm also heading over there in sept so my local relatives may be able to help me out too! :D
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    Seoul Man...

    can you tell me where to access korean itunes?
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    From South Korea

    welcome! do you have the 3G model or wifi?
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    Seoul Man...

    welcome! i believe NateON is available as an app. have you looked in any other korean apps?
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    One MacBook Pro, One iPhone, One iPad...Two users

    so here's the situation. mrs. dearbee syncs her iphone 3gs to the macbook pro using the itunes program. when my ipad arrives, i will be the primary user but i'm worried if i sync it with the macbook pro, all of her stuff will get sync'd with my ipad- mail, music, videos, photos, etc. is there...
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    Top 10 iPad Apps according to Wired

    how big is a pigeon hole?
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    Awesome iPad Finger Painting Video!

    absolutely amazing what can be achieved by human talent and breakthrough technology
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    Some Fast Fed Ex Facts on iPad Shipping

    so i'm impressed over here... just checked the order status again (4th time in 24hrs) :D it left Shenzhen at 12:30p yesterday, and arrived in Anchorage at 2:33pm on the same day, probably factoring in the time difference. ipad stayed in AK until 9:30pm where it left, and as of 5:15am this...
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    Some Fast Fed Ex Facts on iPad Shipping

    yep, i'm in nj. :D
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    Does anyone have an InvisibleShield discount code they're not using?

    what is the msrp? i read on another thread that ppl are saying amazon's prices are just as good as the 50% off.
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    Some Fast Fed Ex Facts on iPad Shipping

    mine left the Shenzhen facility at 12pm today scheduled delivery July 7, by 10:30am strange... where did they get 10:30 from?
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    Most impatient iPad fan goes to..... me!

    you know what's funny, i was almost in the same predicament as you. i have one on order from the apple store, placed the order about a week ago. scheduled shipment is july 7 with delivery date of 12. i'm getting off work early today due to the holiday weekend here in the States, and i was...
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    Zagg Screen Protector ZAGG invisibleSHIELD for Apple iPad (Full Body): Electronics this one?
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    What do you think you'll use your iPad for?

    surfing netflix im looking forward to the new OS with multiple application
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    Most impatient iPad fan goes to..... me!

    no luck here- every apple store i walked into did not have them.
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    hello all, soon-to-be owner here, my 16gb wifi :ipad-front: is scheduled to arrive on 7/12. anybody else as anxious as i am, counting down the days? :cool: look forward to joining the discussions on this board