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    Ipad Pro 12.9 2nd Gen screen bleeding

    Hi all, I bought it August 2017, and I started noticing a slight screen bleeding in two areas along the edge of the screen (like the screen backlight is more intense there and not uniform as it was initially). Other than that the Ipad is working fine. Does this merit a warranty replacement of...
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    Moments and Slideshow in Photos/Ipad Pro

    Hi all, I'm a bit confused. I'm using iOS 11.3 in the iPad Pro 12.9. This is what I want to do: custom select pictures in the Photo app and then create a "Moment" with those photos and save it as a video in my Photo app or share it with Message, etc. Is this possible at all? The Ipad has created...
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    Why is an iOS11 section not showing in the forum?

    The title speaks by itself, only seeing upt to iOS10
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    Unable to multitask/iOS 11 Ipad Pro

    I tested multitasking following this video but when I drag any 2nd app from the dock it will open in full screen mode, not as a 2nd window. I checked settings and multitasking is enabled. I'm lost.
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    Having trouble scanning document with Notes app/Ipad Pro iOS11

    Hi all, I followed this video tutorial that clearly explains how to scan a document using Ipad Pro with iOS11.0.1. I open the Notes app but I just see a blank white page, I don't see any + button at the bottom (0:19 in the video tutorial). I tried navigating inside the Notes app but was unable...
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    Streaming books from NAS to Ipad

    Hi all, I have a library of books (in pdf, djvu, epub and mobi formats) stored in my Synology NAS. I would like to be able to stream any book in this library to my Ipad to be opened with either iBooks or any other app, having the option if need be to copy the book to the Ipad. Additionally be...
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    Unable to delete photos from iCloud

    Hi all, I just logged in my iCloud account, went to iCloud Photos, and after selecting the photos I want to delete the Delete button is grayed out so I'm unable to delete them. Thanks for your help.
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    Ipad 12.9 Pro 2017-Best apps to use it as Laptop?

    Hi, I just bough an Ipad 12.9 Pro 2017 2nd Gen, I intend to use it as a laptop replacement as much as possible (MS Office, online banking, some photo editing, browsing, etc), also intend to use it for college textbook studying. What apps and hardware accesories do you recommend? Thanks