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    Split keyboard not working?

    Ones the split keyboard work for you guys? Mine is stuck on standard no mater what I do ???
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    How do I get .mkv on my ipad?

    I keep trying to add ~2gb mkv files through ITunes using the "Add file to library", but whenever I do, nothing happens. I have been having to convert them to .mp4 and then it works fine. How can I get mkv on there? The mp4 are the same filesize so it seems pointless to go through all this conversion
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    How to import movies

    how do I put my downloaded divx and hd xvids on my ipad? first ios device...
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    New IPAD with 4G on my Galaxy Nexus = AMAZING

    Streaming March Madness apps over my phones 4G tether and it looks like HD :)
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    How to read EPUB

    How can I read EPUBs on my new ipad3? I am new to IOS :) I have the file on my dropbox, am I able to download it anywhere?
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    Engraved IPAD Delayed; letter from Apple

    =( Dear Apple Customer, Thank you for your recent iPad purchase at the Apple Online Store. Although we strive to meet every delivery commitment, we regret to inform you that your personalized iPad may be delayed until, March 20. We want you to experience the new iPad as soon as possible. As...
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    When were you CHARGED for your order?

    When I ordered my IPADS last Friday, I had 2 charges, each for $531. One of my IPADS shipped, and as of Monday, I only have 1 charge now, but it looks like my balanace is still short the $531. Apple told me my account isnt charged until they SHIP, but I was charged for both up front. My 2nd...
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    Anyone get a engraves ipad that DIDNT start in China?

    Mine is preparing to ship and says it'll be here Friday. Just curious if it could already be in the states, like it was engraved here
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    New IPAD Benchmarked; 1 GB RAM

    I know someone was interested... Benchmarks of Apple's new iPad confirm 1GB of RAM, same CPU speed
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    Ordered on Friday, still processing

    Ordered 2 16 gb Wifis on Friday. Ones an anniversary present for my wife so I got it engraved. Its STILL processing while my other one is at the fedex place a few hours away. The apple rep today said I should get it Friday but I'm getting nervous because we leave town Monday morning to celebrate...
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    Will the snap on IPAD2 cases fit?

    I found this one for $3, and saw similar ones for $1 on Amazon, im guessing its been dropped in price because it wont fit the new ones, but just making sure. Smart Cover Partner Snap On Slim-Fit Case for Apple iPad 2 - Crystal Clear: Computers & Accessories
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    IPAD 3 now shipping in 2-3 weeks

    Glad I got mine in just in time on Friday :) iPad ship times slip to 2-3 weeks, Apple says demand has ‘been off the charts’ | 9to5Mac | Apple Intelligence
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    Anyone with an engraved IPAD get it shipped?

    I ordered 2, one black 16 and a white 16 gb engraved. The black has been shipped, the engraved is still processing. hoping I get it Friday, its engraved for my wife's anniversary!