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    I love Zootopia but I seem to be cursed only to see fan fiction and no real continuity?

    All I want to see is decent Sequal in which we see what Bellweather’s bad experience with predators was if any. My theory is that her character is based on one of the oldest Disney Villlians Adolf Hitler who appeared in several cartoon as an un-Charismatic Homosexual stereotype (Yes I know this...
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    I love Sushi but I am poor?

    Does anyone know a way to get Sushi when I only am able to get 40 Dollars a month from my Dad in spending Money?
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    Artist Question?

    Where can I find classes and tutorials for drawing professional on my Ipad. I also would like to know what stylus I should use?
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    I Gay Autistic Cat

    I will knock over all your thing straght NTs from high places.