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    Apple will not accept cash for iPads

    I paid cash for mine.
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    Transport tycoon game for iPad

    I downloaded this last night, but was very disappointed. The resolution is so small, it is virtually impossible to click on anything!
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    Happy to oblige.:D
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    (Education) Why the iPad Absolutely Matters

    Oh to be a kid again in an iPad educational setting! If this is the future of education, I envy our children and grandchildren.
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    I've tried my fair share of Evony clones over the last few years. I find the concept of a 'kingdom management' sim compelling. Building up a tiny hovel into a sprawling metropolis capable of spewing forth massive armies to crush my enemies and expand my territory is an attractive prospect to...
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    Gizmodo Reviews 99 Apps

    Thought this might be useful for some people. Gizmodo has reviewed 99 iPad apps, and consolidated them (or at least, links to them) in one handy post on their site: 99 iPad Apps, Reviewed - iPad Apps - Gizmodo
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    Samantha Fox has NOTHING on the iPad.

    Yep, you should be able to get one from any Verizon store. As to the Droid, not sure about that. I know they can work their magic on a cell phone and make it function as an air card, but the MiFi may not be so easy to install. It works as an air card in one mode, but as a wireless router in...
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    How to scroll down in a bulletin board post?

    Wow! That worked perfectly. I would never have thought to try that. Thanks!
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    How to scroll down in a bulletin board post?

    Has anyone figured out a quick/easy way (with the iPad, that is) to scroll down in the entry field of a bulletin board post (like what I'm typing this into right now)? If you quote someone's post, for instance, and it's rather long, how do you get to the bottom of it? I've noticed you can hold...
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    Samantha Fox has NOTHING on the iPad.

    As a matter of fact, I am! Though more of a dabbler and amateur author than anything serious. Glad to know my review was alright.
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    Samantha Fox has NOTHING on the iPad.

    I find the only thing I've been using my PC for since getting my iPad has been to print documents, for more complicated word processing and document creation at work, and to browse iTunes in a more robust manner. The App Store on the iPad (as well as iBooks) reeeeeeeeally needs some...
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    Hello from the Volunteer State!

    I'm the happy owner of a 64 GB WiFi iPad. Hail from the great state of Tennessee! ROCKY TOP! :D
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    WiFi using MiFi

    I've put my MiFi through its iPad paces. It does drain the battery faster, in about 5-7 hours with continuous use, but that's certainly good enough to last until I can get somewhere to charge it up, again. Can't say enough about how fast and stable it is, too. Have been using mine almost...
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    Samantha Fox has NOTHING on the iPad.

    Let me start this review off with a bit of a disclaimer. I am not an Apple 'convert'. I've never owned a Mac or an iPhone, use an iPod only occasionally when exercising, and am in most things a very happy, PC/Windows-oriented kind of guy. I say that for this reason ... I don't have the...
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    Top 10 iPad Games

    WarpGate HD. I cannot describe what a great game this is. It takes all the best elements of Wing Commander: Privateer, the Elite series, and other open-ended space exploration games and distills it into something simple enough (in terms of controls) to function by touch alone. I've clocked in...