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    iPAD 7th Gen, 11 (A2197) ERROR 4013

    Apple will do everything I've already done and basically say sorry it's out of warranty but you can buy a new one while you're here. Once out of warranty based on past dealings with them they put on less effort to fix it since it's out of warranty and more effort in selling you a new one.
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    iPAD 7th Gen, 11 (A2197) ERROR 4013

    Yeah I'm aware but the nearest apple store is honestly almost two hours away. I'm a network engineer and been doing IT for years. I can typically fix stuff better then the Apple techs honestly. So, I don't really want to drive that far and just helping a friend out since it's not mine. But...
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    iPAD 7th Gen, 11 (A2197) ERROR 4013

    Hello, I am working on an iPAD 7th generation for a friend of mine. It gives me a 4013 error when attempting to restore. I have attempted a Windows laptop and my mac book. I have tried SEVERAL different cables as well. The IPAD basically boots up to the apple logo and then reboots itself and...