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    A query regarding App Store on iPad Pro and other Apple devices

    Hi all, I am active here since couple of months. I possess iPad Pro 10.5 which replaced my old iPad mini 2. iPad mini I passed to my daughter who is using it for fun like coloring, playing games and watching videos. I wanted some special apps to be for my use and those are on my iPad Pro and...
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    Need help with Skype on iPad Pro

    I am using Skype on my iPad to connect with professional contacts, however I don’t see the paper clip icon in chat box to attach files, documents during the chat. The other icons such as picture, video, location camera etc are all there. Do I need to grant permission in settings in order to be...
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    So finally the wait is over !!

    My new iPad Pro 10.5 is here after a month long wait as my friend took sweet time in USA to bring it here. And oh boy!!....It is awesome. Actually he little bit messed up after receiving the box and then tried switching on and passcode was wrongfully entered leading to the disabling of iPad...
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    Is 1.8 Gb update of iOS11 worth on iPad mini 2?

    While I am waiting for my iPad Pro to arrive, I was thinking to avail the update for my iPad mini2. But my concern is that, is iOS 11 going to occupy more space? And slow down the device? Just because it has less RAM? Can someone share personal experience? Thanks in advance, Atindra
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    Upgrade of Apple's native office suit

    Hi all, If anyone had an elaborate experience about Apple 's native office apps such as Pages, Keynote and Numbers with new iOS 11 beta, I would like to know, how good they are in handling word documents? Or PPTX and Xcel files? We extensively use MS Word with its review and "track changes"...