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    iPad Pro Teardown

    So I read the iFix it teardown article but did not find my answer. I have the Apple keyboard and do like the light touch...don't need the added features of the Logitech Create, though it was tempting. Because the Apple keyboard does not have a back cover, wanting to protect my Pro, I decided...
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    Setting Up Airport Extreme W Airport Express Wireless

    I apologize if this is the wrong place to put this. Got an Airport Extreme for Chistmas to replace Netgear router and setting it up wireless today for my iGadgets and Mac and PC computers, printers, along with Airport Express to act as a wireless extender. Pulling out my hair. Worked from 11...
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    iPad Waking By Itself

    I could not find this in my search...sorry if it's there. But just noticed yesterday my iPad 3, JB, is randomly awaking on its own. I have turned off all notifications. E-mail is scheduled to be manual. It stays on only briefly, but there is a little emblem that blinks by the BT symbol that...
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    IPad Getting Hot

    So I was reading somewhere, can't remember where now, what to do with the iPad getting really, really hot. Mine has been hot enough to be quite uncomfortable. While some people have taken theirs back, someone said they solved their overly hot device by totally discharging their unit, then...
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    Code 21 Error

    OK, so I gave my iPad 2 to my son, taking everything off pertaining to me, but not totally resetting so he could retain the jailbreak. Shouldn't have. When he tried to sink, it would keep putting my name up in the iTunes telling him he couldn't, blah, blah. Everything was turned off...
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    5row keyboard

    Mohave searched the forum and Cydia...can't find the answer. It is not working with iPad2 Greenpois0n new JB. Everything has worked...just not my favorite app. It's activated in Winterboard and in settings. I either get nothing for a keyboard or I get what looks like a darkened area where it...
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    Using Mac to Jailbreak instead of WinPC

    OK, so I have a lot of different computers for what I do. My desktop runs Win7, which is where I have iTunes residing for the main sync, restore, etc. I also have a MacBook Pro to which I can plug in the iPad and do minor things, but it is not the main computer. My backups are on the desktop...
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    BTStack Mouse

    Not sure where to post this. Discovered something in an aha moment. Was playing around with my iPad desktop using Logmein with my Apple keyboard and Apple mouse, both BT devices, connected to the iPad via the BTStack Keyboard and BTStack Mouse on a jail broke iPad. Had to walk away to tend to...