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    How to transfer pictures from your iPhone or iPad to your PC

    How to transfer photos from your iPhone or iPad to your PC: - Your iPhone/iPad will have to be connected to WiFi - From the Apple App Store search for and download "FTP Media Server" (FREE) by Jin Jeon to your iPhone or iPad - Start the app - Turn on the media server by sliding the switch to...
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    iPad & Tablet Swing Arm Clamp on Sale!

    This year we added a really nice Swing Arm option for mounting your iPad or tablet to your desk. You've probably seen this sort of mount used with PC monitors but now you can get one for your iPad. We offer all kinds of mounting options including iPad-specific brackets that firmly snap onto...
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    Adjustable iPad & Tablet SnakeClamp

    There are soooo many tablets on the market today that we thought it would be a good idea to offer an adjustable bracket for our popular SnakeClamp line of device mounts. Not only are there a lot of tablets, but there are a lot of different sized tablets. So we now offer two adjustable brackets...
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    SnakeClamp Products

    SnakeClamp Products is the maker of the iPad SnakeClamp - a high-quality iPad holder/stand on a flexible gooseneck arm to hold your iPad exactly where you want it!